Intergalactic Intel: The Player Holocron

The Holocron of Players
If I were to give you a short and simple synopsis of Star Wars I would tell you that it’s a science fiction story taking place in space. The two factions warring are the rebellion and the empire. Both groups are led by wizards wielding laser swords.

While the statement above is a very rough experience of Star Wars, it is true. When I think of the Rebel Alliance I don’t think of tons of troops fighting for a galaxy The Empire doesn’t have any control over, but Luke, C3-PO, Leia and the other main characters.
I feel the same exact way when I MMO’s. I don’t see a guild or a faction but the friends I play with. Everyone needs their own group to make their adventure. So this week I’ll be talking about different types of players you will encounter. Some you will want to keep, others not so much.

The Couple:
Couples are traditionally a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but my friends Sallenah and Swaggart fit the bill fully. Both are men in their mid-30s who are best friends. Their only goal is to play together. Sometimes they are opposites of each other, and others they are identical. When making your group to take on the enemies of the galaxy, couples are great. Just remember angering one of them could easily lead to losing both of them.

The Tom Boy:
My friend Femshep is probably the best example of the tom boy. She’s one of the guys, will curse right along with you and will be the first to make a fart joke. Tom Boys are rare in the gaming community but when found are treasures you should hold on to for conversations like below:

“Hey Femshep we’ve got a new applicant to the guild do you want to interview her?”
“No. Womanz. Too many already in the guild.”
“We only have you and one other…”

The /b/tard:
If anyone knows 4chan you know of the notorious /b/ section of 4chan. My friend Whosteen is a great example of a /b/tard. These aren’t bad people…just sometimes goofy and disrespectful. They are the class clowns of the internet and aren’t afraid to show it. When building your group /b/tards are some of the best gamers out there. Though I would brush up on your My Little Pony Friendship is Magic…Season 2 comes out soon and who knows what kind of jokes we’ll have soon.

The Smart Guy:
My buddy Kagernac fits this bill. These guys are the smart ones in your guild. The ones who make their own add-ons and work on spread sheets to maximize healing or their damage.They are usually quiet but given the right atmosphere they can be talkative just like everyone else. These players are usually hard to get into your party, not because they find themselves above you, but because they are nervous. But having someone who sees the strategy behind a boss encounter, or an enemy team’s pvp strategy, within the first twenty seconds of a pull is a great asset to any team.

The Social Butterfly:
The Social Butterfly is a rare being but if your server is graced to have one you are truly lucky. My druid by the name of Ethundril was our social butterfly. They may not always be there 100% of the time, but they know everyone. Ethundril, or Eth as we called him, was a part of every major guild on our server and even ran his own guild full of secondary characters from the top players on the server. If he wanted something done it simply took him a few whispers. Social butterflies are great when you’re looking for new members or simply need someone to fill in for the night.

There are tons of different players online, and these are just a handful of ones who you will encounter during your time playing The Old Republic. But no matter who you encounter you should treat theme with respect and kindness. You never know who will be your Lando, or Chewbaka. I may use the Holocron of players in the future to interview famous or interesting players when the game goes live, but we’ll see!