The 12 Days of SWTOR: Daily Cartel Market Sales for the Next 12 Days

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BioWare will be doing 12 days for sales on the cartel market tarting from Dec 18 to Dec 29. The Cartel Market will be updated at 11:am CT each day. Check ingame or here on our website for details one each sale. Below is the official word

The 12 Days of SWTOR | 12.17.2014, 08:06 PM

Happy holidays everyone! Beginning tomorrow, the Cartel Market will have daily surprise sales for the next 12 days (12/18/2014 – 12/29/2014). You can find out what’s on sale in game, but we will also be posting here and on social media the items going on the Market that day. The Market will be updated at 11:00am CT each day.
Day 1: (Dec 18): For the first day, we will be putting the Crime Lord and Blockade Runner’s Cartel Packs back onto the market! They are available both as single packs (250 CC) and Hypercrates (5400 CC).
Day 2: (Dec 19) The Skip Tracer and Space Pirate Cartel Packs (singular and hypercrates) are available today only! (5400 CC for hypercrate, 250 CC for single pack)
Day 3: (Dec 20) The Enforcer and Vice Commandant’s Contraband Packs (singular and hypercrate) are available today only for 5400 CC per hypercrate and 250 CC per single pack.
Day 4: Coming Soon
Day 5: Coming Soon
Day 6: Coming Soon
Day 7: Coming Soon
Day 8: Coming Soon
Day 9: Coming Soon
Day 10: Coming Soon
Day 11: Coming Soon
Day 12: Coming Soon

May the Force be with you!


According to the email they just sent out, it’ll just be different hypercrates at 5500 Cartel Coins each.

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