Ingame cartel coin purchase coming Nov 5


It looks like it will be possible to buy cartel coin ingame, starting Tuesday November 5. At least that’s what Amber Green writes in her forum post yesterday:

On November 5th, all game servers will be unavailable while we perform maintenance. The In-Game Cartel Coin Purchase feature will be implemented during this downtime, and there will not be a new patch to download. Details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday November 5th, 2013
Duration: 2 hours
Time: 3AM PST (10AM GMT) – 5AM PST (12PM GMT)

Thank you for your patience as we maintain service for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Amber also confirms via Twitter, that subscribers wil get 50% off their first ingame CC purchase as BioWare promised.

Personally I am going to buy 5500 coins and save them for when I need them. I’m hoping they add a higher quantity to maximize the 50% savings.

Also remember that with this in place it’s more important to have a security key on your account than ever!