SWTOR Tester reviews his 20 days long test session

Betacake brought us another beta tester review, this one from someone who tested for 20 days before the write-up. This is certainly a significant period of time to give a sufficient review but of course, it’s just one person’s opinions. These are one person’s ideas of what is good and bad in the game but still, it is very useful when learning more about SWTOR and what we can all expect.

Here’s a snippet of the intro:

First to my characters: So far I have played 5 characters and followed the story. As far as possible I have done all the quests I have found and did not skip any – unless group quests I did not get a group for. The list of my characters are:

  • Sith Inquisitor: Sorcerer – lvl 27 – currently on Nar Shaddaa (story line for that planet finished – on her way to Tatooine)
  • Sith Warrior: Juggernaut – lvl 22 – currently on Balmorra (story line for that planet finished – on last standard quests)
  • Jedi Knight: Sentinel – lvl 19 – currently on Taris
  • Smuggler: Gunslinger – lvl 13 – currently on Coruscant
  • Bounty Hunter – lvl 10 – currently still on Nal Hutta

I have not seen anything, not done everything and even I did some exploring I still have alot to discover.

The review in full is over 3,000 words long and goes on to talk about character creation, chat, user interface, animations and interaction, world design, quest design, character story, ship and space combat, crafting and item enhancement in SWTOR, as well as your decisions regarding Light and Dark side, companions, and combat and PvP elements.

It’s a very in-depth review and worth the time to read over or at least skim to the parts you are interested in.