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Daily Cartel Market Sale Update — FAWN OROBIRD — Wednesday March 20 2019

New items are on sale on the market march 20 – 2019. Remember you can support this blog by buying your cartel coins on Amazon via this link were you also will get a  Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]

Interesting Notes from this update:

  • FAWN OROBIRD is available again. Has been off the market for about 11 months
  • FAWN OROBIRD is at a new low price for the first time: 450

Changes to the Cartel Market detected

Items No Longer AvailableHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
IMPERIAL E-1 ENFORCER LIGHTSABERInformation from TOR FASHION9,999,999.09,999,999.09,999,999.0
Items Available AgainPriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN AverageFAWN OROBIRD450Information from TOR FASHIONNo GTN Data Found


I am looking for feedback on the “Interesting Notes from this update” section. Including what to call it (not sure I am a fan of ‘Intersting Notes’), how each note is phrased (if it is clear what it is trying to say), and if there are other notable things that should have been referenced.

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