Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights Darth Revan

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights: Darth Revan

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, CG_SBCrumb, sat down with CG_ParkingInstructor to discuss Darth Revan and where this character fits into Galaxy of Heroes.

If you haven’t met CG_Parkinginstructor, he is a designer who mainly works on character creation and was the main designer on Darth Traya, Darth Sion, Chewbacca, and Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) among many others.


  • SBC: So who is the Darth Revan character?
    PI: Darth Revan is a dominant leader for the new Sith Empire faction and powers up a team by weakening its own defensive capabilities. Darth Revan will lead a very aggressive Sith Empire team that aims to take down enemies quickly but with a different approach than most. Darth Revan’s kit is focused on effectively taking down the enemy leader while applying beneficial debuffs. We think this will be a very powerful character with longevity in PvP and do fairly well in raids. Check out Darth Revan’s kit in a separate forum post here.
  • SBC: What makes the character unique/special?
    PI: Darth Revan is focused on taking out enemy leaders and using Ferocity, which sacrifices allies’ defensive capabilities for more Offense. This is the first character who uses debuffs to boost their own team’s damage, a fitting theme for such a ruthless faction.
  • SBC: What scenes or moments were you trying to capture?
    PI: Everyone experienced Revan’s journey differently but there are core roles that Revan always fills: an exceptional strategist, master fighter, and a ruthless Sith Lord. In short, we tried to narrow down what makes Darth Revan, Revan, but this was quite a difficult task since each playthrough can be different and it was challenging to capture everyone’s unique experience.
  • SBC: How did those moments inform the creation of Darth Revan’s abilities?
    PI: In Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Revan was portrayed as an exceptional strategist who undermined enemies by carefully striking at the key figures masterminding the plots against the Sith Empire. We felt this should be represented in battle with a kit focused on taking out leaders, and Darth Revan should, of course, be a leader of a powerful Sith Empire team. As a Sith Lord, Darth Revan is a powerful fighter with a lightsaber and uses negative emotions to gain power, much like how the debuffs in game will actually makes you stronger.
  • SBC: Where does Darth Revan fit best in the game?
    PI: Darth Revan is the portion of the experience in KOTOR that wasn’t represented by Jedi Knight Revan. We wanted to fulfill the fantasy of leading a ruthless Sith team so you can relive the legends of the Old Republic. Darth Revan is going to do well in many game modes but will be a force to be reckoned with in PvP and be generally decent at the three raids.


  • SBC: What kinds of Mods should I use?
    PI: Darth Revan is a very aggressive character who mostly benefits from Speed and Offense. We recommend Speed and Offense secondaries on top of a Speed or Offense set in order to deal more damage or use your abilities earlier in combat.
  • SBC: Who should go first in battle?
    PI: We’ve had the most success with Darth Revan when Bastila Shan (Fallen) went first in battle so try moving your mods around to make sure she’s the first to act if you are having trouble.
  • SBC: What’s your favorite ability out of Darth Revan’s kit?
    PI: Special 2, Insanity. For me, this ability really captures how scary Darth Revan was at the time of the Old Republic. If you land it on the leader, you inflict Fear on everyone, which is crazy! Plus the leap into the air at the start of the attack is just plain cool. Insanity is probably the most impactful ability in Darth Revan’s kit.
    I highly recommend using your Zetas on Conqueror first. This really shuts down assist teams when they attack Revan, and greatly improves survivability during a long fight.


  • SBC: Any special interactions you want to highlight?
    PI:Fallen Bastila has an additional ability to synergize with Darth Revan. Her Special 2 is now using the Fear debuff and she has a new unique ability, Force Bond, that directly boosts both herself and Darth Revan. HK-47 has also undergone a rework and now interacts with Deathmark. His Assassination Protocol will occur much faster under Darth Revan’s leadership.
  • SBC: What you may not notice at first glance?
    PI: Force Storm reads as a simple ability, but the debuff that Revan puts on a team is more powerful than you may think. Darth Revan applies five Ferocity debuffs to all allies, which gives them Offense and Potency, but don’t forget the Crit Chance and 15 more Speed per debuff due to Darth Revan’s Leader ability.
  • SBC: What makes Fear so interesting to play with?
    PI: Darth Revan provides players with an interesting decision to make about Fear: Do you take advantage of extra damage or deal single-target damage and prevent many enemies from taking another turn?