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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – August

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events in Star Wars: Galaxy if Heroes for August 2019. As allways you have to remember that all dates are subject to change.  Daily Login Character for August: CC-2224 “Cody” Please note that the team are working on updates for Grand Arena Championships and still determining when Championships or Exhibitions will return. There will be an official announcement in the next couple weeks regarding if we will take a short break from GAC or ready resume right away. I think Padme and Malak will both be sometime in August as well. They just didn’t want to put it on the calendar to give folks time to prepare. Basically, the event calendar is useless. They won’t be giving us information for anything worthwhile in advance. They will do the same thing with Malak that they did last time, 1 day or warning and…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Anti-Cheating & Competitive Integrity

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes anti cheating

In preparation for the introduction of the upcomming Grand Arena Championships in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heries, Capital is intensifying there efforts to root out and prevent cheating in competitive play. These efforts include: Increased surveillance of leaderboard and battle data A zero tolerance policy for those identified as cheaters (the default action will be a perma-ban for any account found with cheated / hacked data) A new suite of data points and detection tools While we still put player reports to good use (send any suspect behavior reports directly to CG_Leviathan) we are excited about some new options at our disposal for finding illegitimate battles (possibly even before you’ve had a chance to report them). Additional team member hours allocated to the detection and eradication efforts We are focused on creating a fair and fun environment for competitive play and wherever possible, we will attempt to rectify any impact to…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: The Grand Arena Championships


Here are the news from Capital Games on the Grand Arena Championships. No one still have a clue what it is about, ot at least what the GP divisions is about, but Wall of text will crit you. (This is a continuation of information about Grand Arena Championship. If you haven’t read them already, please read the previous posts here and here, as some presumptions are made about understanding their context in this post.) Grand Arena Championships are a five-week series of Grand Arena events and Feats. Our goal is for the experience to feel like a normal Grand Arena event with a few bells and whistles, and then gradually ratchet up the competition and drive for the players who make it up to higher leagues in later events, until by the end of a Championship, it feels like the sharpest competition that the game has to offer. In this post, we’re going…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: May Calendar Update

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes May Calendar Update

The Devs over at Capital Games had posted with this month’s calendar that they may need to move or cancel the last Grand Arena this month but good news! they will have space in the calendar to run a 4th Grand Arena with some minor adjustments to accommodate for an upcoming release. Review Periods for both Grand Arenas starting on 5/20 & 5/27 will be shortened to 1 hours (Review Period for 5/13 will be shorten to 1 hour too) Preview/Sign Up Periods for 5/20 & 5/27 Grand Arenas will both be shortened to 23 hours Also a reminder aboutthe changes to the calendar, Territory Wars will not have any bonuses (including the original bonuses: First Order, Resistance, Scoundrels and Bounty Hunter) going forward. Due to the feedback they received about the different formats of Territory Wars and that an original rules version was affected, they are planning to run…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – May

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Event Calendar - May

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for May in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Remeber that ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Daily Login Character for May: IG-100 MagnaGuard Calendar Notes: The last Grand Arena Tournament is subject to change as we will be preparing for our next title update. If this event does need shift or be canceled, we will rescheduled or compensate players for the missing Grand Arena this month Padme Amidala’s event, Aggressive Negotiations, will start at 10:00am PT instead of the usual time. Date is to be announced Join the forum discussion on this post

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: update on Anakin’s performance


The Community Manager over at Star Wars: Galaxy of hereoes posted a small update on Anakin’s performance in the game. Some players think he is way to powerfull. Here is the news: April 25, 2019 6:14PM edited April 25 “Your focus determines your reality.” Hey Holotable Heroes, I wanted to give a quick update on our announcement last Friday that we were looking into Anakin’s performance and whether or not he is too powerful, particularly where we want him to sit in the meta versus some specific teams like Darth Malak/Darth Revan. Our initial investigation has yielded the following results: Since we released Jedi Knight Anakin’s rework, only 8,000 players have used Jedi Knight Anakin under a Jedi Knight Revan lead to fight against Darth Revan & Darth Malak. That represents less than 1% of the total battles fought by the entire community during this window. Of these battles, JKA is…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – April

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Event Calendar - April

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for April.DISCLAIMER: ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Daily Login Character for April: B2 Super Battledroid Tinfoil hat time: the return of JKR seems a bit quick. What if, perhaps, they’re using it to hide a legendary event for Malak? No CLS is also really odd. I would’ve bet the house we’d see that. Maybe it’ll overlap with the Daring Droid event like it did last time. Join the forum discussion on this post

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Update on zFinn Changes Coming Next Update

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Update on zFinn Changes Coming Next Update

Capital games are finally ready to launch the changes to zFinn in the next game update. Check it out: Previously, I mentioned that we found some additional issues since Tophat’s last post around zFinn’s kit and that we would need to take another pass to fix the infinite loop in Phase 3 of the Sith Raid with zFinn and C-3PO. We had shared a possible solution earlier, but while the changes TopHat discussed prevented infinite loops in Phase 3, in further testing we realized we inadvertently added a new trivializing loop to Phase 1, so we have made some additional changes from the reworked kit you originally saw here. In order to address the Phase 1 problem, we needed to make more extensive changes, which we feel impacted Finn’s core identity. For that reason, we will be refunding the materials spent to upgrade his leader ability. Whatever you personally invested…

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