Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar – August

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events in Star Wars: Galaxy if Heroes for August 2019. As allways you have to remember that all dates are subject to change

Daily Login Character for August: CC-2224 “Cody”

Please note that the team are working on updates for Grand Arena Championships and still determining when Championships or Exhibitions will return.

There will be an official announcement in the next couple weeks regarding if we will take a short break from GAC or ready resume right away.


I think Padme and Malak will both be sometime in August as well. They just didn’t want to put it on the calendar to give folks time to prepare.

Basically, the event calendar is useless. They won’t be giving us information for anything worthwhile in advance. They will do the same thing with Malak that they did last time, 1 day or warning and 2 days of the event.

I’m pissed that they switched the timing of GMY and Thrawn. Thrawn is a month early and I’ve been farming my Jedi hard to get yoda. Now I have to switch my farms and hope yoda isn’t a surpris.

On the other hand, You can only plan largely in advance for something you absolutely need to get. I started instantly farming for DR right after Scourge of the Republic. You have no idea when things are going to come back, especially when JKR came multiple months quicker than expecte