SWTOR Nordic Immersion Day Event

Excitement for SWTOR is going wordwide! Immersion Day has arrived! swtor.dk visited the Nordic Immersion Day Event, which was also under the Star Wars: The Old Republic embargo lifted this week. There were guilds and fan sites who attended on October 15th and now they are able to share their experiences.

The event was held at Inferno online, in their e-sport arena in Stockholm, a closed area of the gaming center. The event featured SWTOR fans from Scandinavian guilds who were all super excited to try out the game and learn more about it.

The event began with senior writer Hall Hood showing some fun trailers, introducing the classes and the features of the game and building enthusiasm from the crowds.

Scandinavian fan sites: Star Wars Sverige, Star Wars Norge and Star Wars DK have videos up of the event.

Ruthless Guild Q&A Videos:

And for more, check out the SWTORDK Immersion Days Interview :

And Star Wars: The Old Republic Stockholm Event:

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