Star Wars: Uprising – Patch 3.0 Preview!

The next patch for Star Wars: Uprising  is in the final phases, and the team over at kabam have posted an updating,  giving us a preview of what is around the corner!

New Content:

Raids: These rotating End Game missions will pit you against new enemy types and the best of the Imperial forces. These will reward you with the best Gear in the game.
Lando Missions: Complete quests for a familiar face to earn valuable goods that will help fast forward your progression.
New Gear: Multiple new sets of gear added to the game, reaching up to 9 star rarity. Earn these in the new Raids!
New Crew: 18 new Crew members to run missions for you.

Quality of life Improvements:

Auto Fill Crew: Help speed up your crew runs with this new feature.
Component Stacking: Save space in your inventory by stacking up like pieces.
Upgrade Improvements: Upgrade multiple components at a time.
UI Improvements: To make the UI more intuitive.
Graphics Overhaul: Improved animations, effects and level design across the board.
Story Overhaul: Single Player Cinematic improvements across the board.
Multiplayer Improvements: Now smoother and more reliable.
Spam Blocker: Prevent floods of friend invites.
No More Revives: You will no longer be able to revive in dungeons.