SWTOR Review Twitter Roundup

Twitter is abuzz with SWTOR news. There are The Old Republicpreviews and SWTOR impressions, reviews, fan fun and so much more. The closerwe get to the release date, the more we hear about the game details, reviewsand previews from those who have had the chance to play (and are allowed totalk about it) and anticipatory tweets from fans who are beyond anxious.

Since today was also the official announcement of Blizzard’snewest expansion for WoW, we saw some SWTOR-related tweets referencing WoW (andgiving me giggles). We also saw links to Friday update info, more embargo impressionsand other tidbits. Here are some highlights.
Here is a Twitter roundup from October 21st with just under twomonths to go before release:
Take a look inside the digital itemsthat can be yours with the #SWTOR Collector’s Edition. bit.ly/qV0YYX
58 days until #SWTORlaunch, maybe five more weeks before we are playing early access.
jda_edm JoshAnderson
Wait, so I’m going from stoppingDeathwing from extinguishing all life, to helping a panda make beer? When does #SWTORcome out again?
SWTORFeeds SwtorFeeds
#swtorTORWars Anniversary Giveaway #1: SWTOR Empire ‘Victory’ T-Shirt bit.ly/oXQYOl
TORWars TORWars.com
1-Up #Preview:SWTOR is WoW With Lightsabers, and it’s Amazing: 1-Up.com has published… goo.gl/fb/eAQl7#swtor
SWTOR Advanced Classes UPDATED – theoldrepublicordie.com/swtor-guides/s…#swtor
SWTOR TheOld Republic
Check out the great #SWTORcommunity fan art we’re highlighting in this week’s Fan Friday. bit.ly/nyjn68
samkear Sam Kear
StarWars The Old Republic Full Beta Preview mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/g…via @MMORPGcom
DedicatedGamerTy Marsh
TheFuture of RPG Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic,Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 ... bit.ly/n0H7Pd
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