SWTOR Early Access Starts December 13

“Early Game Access* for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is only a few days away! Starting December 13, 2011, The Old Republic will begin emailing invitations to start your Early Game Access.”

This just in from the official website news section- are you ready to play?

The announcement adds:

“To ensure that players can get into the game as quickly as possible when their Early Game Access begins, we are now allowing everyone who has redeemed a Pre-Order Code at our Code Redemption Center to pre-load the game to their computer”.

Bioware’s Courtney Woods announced that the game is available for pre-load to anyone who has already redeemed their pre-order codes. Stephen Reid also clarified the announcement on Twitter, and notified the community that the Early Access section of the Preorder FAQ had changed.

You can now preload the game if you pre-ordered by visiting the SWTOR official website and following the instructions listed here.

Stephen Reid confirmed the announcement on Twitter:

No, December 13th is not a typo.
Early Game Access *starts* on December 13th. Emails will be sent on the day you get access.
Yes, this is different from previously advertised. I’ll post in Forums later with more details.

 He also notified the community about the changes to the Preorder FAQ:

Remember when I said there would be an FAQ that I wanted you to read? Here it is – please read it: bit.ly/o1lhnl

So there you have it, folks! What do you think?

Lisa Clark

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