Bioware sent out their Official apology email

The great Bioware email snafu of last week had some SWTORnerds raging that they were tricked and teased- being made to believe they gotinto a game testing/beta when it was really just a goof-up in the email office.
So what can BioWare do to make the wrong right? Well, say “sorry”of course. Which they have done, in the form of an official email.
The apology email read:
“OnSeptember 29th, you received two emails regarding the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Game Testing Program.These emails were sent to you by mistake. This was due to an internal error andnot the result of hacking or malware. Please be assured that no personalinformation was compromised. We are sorry for any confusion this may havecaused. Please note that receipt of these e-mails does not affect your chancesto be invited to test the game at a later date.

Between now and launch, we will be conducting additional large scale BetaTesting Weekends where we will be inviting more people than ever before.Additionally we will be releasing even more information about the game as wegear up for launch in December. If you haven’t signed up for game testing yet,you can still do so at Thank you for yourunderstanding,
Star Wars: The Old Republic team.”

Is that enough for you? Are you willing to let bygones be bygones and all that jazz?
On that we leave you with this:

Lisa Clark

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