Discover What's New in SWTOR Game Update 7.2.1

Discover What’s New in SWTOR Game Update 7.2.1

Get ready for the next big update in Star Wars: The Old Republic! Game Update 7.2.1 is launching soon and brings a lot of exciting new content for players to enjoy. From the next Galactic Season, PvP Season 2, combating inflation, to testing out the 64-bit client, here’s a comprehensive guide to everything coming in 7.2.1.

Galactic Season 4: A Passage of Peace The launch of 7.2.1 will mark the start of the next Galactic Season – A Passage of Peace. This season promises to bring a wealth of new rewards, including a brand new companion, Amity, for players to explore the galaxy with. Players can also use their Galactic Seasons Tokens to purchase a new apartment Stronghold on the planet of Mek-sha.

PvP Season 2 PvP Season 1 is coming to an end in February, but players can look forward to PvP Season 2 starting with the launch of 7.2.1. The developers are actively monitoring player feedback on PvP and are testing out changes to Attacker and Defender medals in the Alderaan Warzone. Stay tuned for details on the new rewards for PvP Season 2.

Combating Inflation Long-time players will recognize the problem of credit inflation in SWTOR, making it difficult for players to engage in the trade economy. The developers have a goal to begin correcting this inflation in 7.2.1 and there will be more changes in future releases throughout the year.

64-bit Testing The 64-bit client is finally being released with 7.2.1 and players are encouraged to log into the Public Test Server and report any issues they may experience. With thousands of different PC configurations, testing is crucial to ensure the game runs smoothly on everyone’s setup.

PTS The Public Test Server is open and players can test out the changes in Game Update 7.2.1. This includes earning Attacker and Defender points in the Alderaan Warzone, changes to credit costs to account for inflation, and a chance to participate in PvP matches alongside the developers on Friday, February 10th at 1:30pm CT. For those who log onto the PTS and complete a Warzone match, there will be a reward of an Opal Vulptilla Mount to be distributed with the launch of 7.2.1.

In conclusion, Game Update 7.2.1 is packed with exciting new content for players to enjoy. From the next Galactic Season to PvP Season 2, combating inflation, and testing the 64-bit client, there is something for everyone. Log onto the Public Test Server now and start testing the new changes!