SWTOR Ranked PvP Season 14 Rewards

The end of Ranked PvP Season 14 is scheduled for December 14th, the launch of Game Update 7.0, Legacy of the Sith! That meens you only have a few weeks left to play matches and climb the highest tier of Ranked PvP. As this season wraps up, let’s look at the ratings breakdown and what rewards players can expect to earn. 

Rating Breakdown

Bronze Tier
Solo Requirements: 1225 – 1299 rating and 20 wins.
Group Requirements: 1250 – 1399 rating and 20 wins.

  • Bronze Season 14 Flair
  • Bronze Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Bronze Season 14 Decoration
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Distinguished
  • 37,500 Ranked Tokens

Silver Tier
Solo Requirements: 1300 – 1499 rating and 40 wins.
Group Requirements: 1400 – 1599 rating and 40 wins.

  • Silver Season 14 Flair
  • Silver Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Silver Season 14 Decoration
  • Silver Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Elite
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Distinguished
  • 75,000 Ranked Tokens

Gold Tier
Solo Requirements: 1500+ rating and 80 wins.
Group Requirements: 1600+ rating and 80 wins.

  • Gold Season 14 Flair
  • Gold Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Gold Season 14 Decoration
  • Gold Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Supreme
  • Silver Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Elite
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] The Distinguished
  • 150,000 Ranked Tokens

Platinum Tier – Top 96 (Top 3 of each Advanced Class on the leaderboard)
Solo Requirements: 160 wins
Group Requirements: 160 wins

  • Platinum Season 14 Flair
  • Platinum Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Peerless [AdvancedClass]
  • Ex: [PlayerName] the Peerless Sentinel 
  • 225,000 Ranked Tokens

All previous tier rewards (not including token grants)

New Rewards

While competing during the Ranked Season, players earned tokens that can be traded for rewards. Tokens are not season specific, so if there’s an expensive reward you really have your eye on, you can save up across multiple seasons. 

This Season’s reward includes the Unrivaled Guardsman Weapon Set. This new Weapon Set from Season 14 will be offered at a discounted price of 50,000 Tokens until the end of the next Ranked Season.

Similar to last season, the Replica rewards from past Ranked Seasons will be available to purchase from the PvP vendor. These items look and function the same as the originals, but are branded “Replica” to maintain the prestige of the original Season rewards. Don’t wait too long as these rewards will no longer be available for purchase when the next PvP Season starts. 

What’s Next

For those who are already looking ahead to the next season, we have big changes for PvP coming next year in Game Update 7.2. Stay tuned for more details!

That’s it for the Ranked Season 14 recap! We’ve broken down ratings and revealed the upcoming rewards. There’s a few weeks left of the current season, so get in those final games while you can!