Star Wars: KOTOR II 'Sith Lords' DLC Cancelled for Nintendo Switch: A Detailed Insight

Star Wars: KOTOR II ‘Sith Lords’ DLC Cancelled for Nintendo Switch: A Detailed Insight

The Star Wars gaming community recently received disappointing news: the highly-anticipated Restored Content DLC for “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords” (KOTOR II) on Nintendo Switch has been cancelled​. Developer Aspyr, who had promised to bring the popular Restored Content mod from the PC version to the Nintendo Switch as a DLC, remained silent about the release after it missed its launch window in 2022​​.

The Promise and the Disappointment

When Aspyr initially announced the Nintendo Switch port of KOTOR II about a year ago, they also surprised fans by revealing plans to introduce the Restored Content mod as a DLC. The mod, beloved by PC players, was expected to be available to Switch players by the end of 2022. However, as the new year of 2023 came and went, Aspyr remained uncharacteristically quiet about the DLC, leaving fans in the dark about its release​​.

The DLC cancellation was announced on social media, where Aspyr thanked the KOTOR community for their enthusiasm and support for the series, which had allowed the timeless saga to be introduced to the Nintendo Switch platform. While the announcement brought disappointment to many Star Wars and KOTOR fans, no specific reason was given for the cancellation​​.

The Restored Content DLC was supposed to include new dialogues and interactions, a bonus mission starring the character HK-47, and a revamped ending​​. Its cancellation, especially without a clear explanation, has left fans speculating about the reasons and the future of Star Wars games on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Compensating the Fans

Despite the cancellation, Aspyr tried to make amends by offering a complimentary game key to players who had purchased KOTOR II on the Nintendo Switch before the cancellation announcement. The games on offer for the compensation include:

To receive the complimentary game key, players need to visit and submit a request with their Nintendo Switch proof of purchase attached​.

While this move by Aspyr may not fully alleviate the disappointment of the fans, it does show a commitment to maintaining good relations with the player community. The Star Wars: KOTOR II ‘Sith Lords’ DLC cancellation is indeed a setback, but the future of Star Wars games on the Nintendo Switch platform remains promising, with more titles likely to be introduced in the future.