Daniel Erickson reveals plan to merge into super-servers!

Here is an interesting piece of news.  In an interview with PC Gamer, our main man Daniel Erickson, spilled the beans about the upcoming serve transfers.   Answering a question about the upcoming changes in patch 1.3 regarding the group finder tool, Mr. Erickson had an interesting answer:

From the interview:

PCG: Will they be cross-server at launch? Is that planned for the future?
DE: They will not be cross-server as we are coming up on a huge move to servers with massively higher population caps than we have today.

So  is that how they’re going to (more or less) avoid the stigma of server mergers?  Best they could do, I guess.  No more low-pop servers, same-server Group Finder viable… nice!
I, for one, will welcome our new super-server overlords.