What is This Stuff Coming in SWTOR Game Update 1.4?

Sure, we’re all excited about 1.3 because this is coming up next. Server transfers and group finders are top of the list and we also get more updates and expansions to the Legacy System (Legacy Perks) but at the end of their latest video, they also give us some teasers of what we will see in 1.4 and beyond.

Here are some screenshots:

But what the heck is it?

The first image definitely looks like the Foundry. This could be interesting but how will they bring it into the game? A new Flashpoint, perhaps?

I’m thinking the station could possibly have something to do with guild ships as well. Maybe we have to build these up over time to earn the ability to build our guild ships. Or maybe it is some sort of access to a guild hall of sorts (Beam me up Scotty!) What do you think it is?

TORHEAD also has some 1.4 leaks (SPOILER ALERT):

Patch 1.4 Content Leak – The Hutts Head to Varl and Scum and Villany

If you click that link, it will lead to game spoilers. That little page guide shows us leaked info for game update 1.4 and beyond. We can’t actually verify the truth to any of this yet but it can still be fun to speculate.

Lisa Clark

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