SWTOR – Crafting and Crew Skill Interviews [Update]

Both Massively and Darth Hater, spoke to Lead Writer Daniel Erickson about the Crew Skills and the Crafting component of Star Wars – The Old Republic.  Bioware revealed a new Trailer yesterday, which was introducing the main facts that were announced at EA’s Winter Showcase last week.   On Darthhater, Daniel Erickson is speaking about everything from the video  with some ingame references while the massively interview  is more like a Question and Answer talksession with a comparison of SWTOR and SWG crafting , and more insight in PvP and Recipes.

So we would get recipes that are super rare?
Yes. There are elite, rare recipes. People who want to dabble in crafting, can, and can be successful in it and make themselves a little bit better. People who are not terribly interested in crafting can do the mission system and still get some cool stuff out of their companion characters. People who are really into crafting have a huge, complex system that they’re going to be able to go into and become masters at.

Update: The guys over at TOROCast posted a short video interview with Daniel Erickson regarding the recently revealed Crew Skills. There isn’t a lot of new information, but it’s nice to get a visual while some of the information is described: