New Reviewer – MizzeeOH

Hello! My name’s MizzeeOH – or Opal – and I’m going to be reviewing all kinds of things for the site soon. I’ve always loved Star Wars, with Empire Strikes Back being my favorite movie – in fact, the thing that got me into the EU was the original Knights of the Old Republic game. I’ve been interested in The Old Republic for quite some time now, so you can definitely count me in to play that when it comes out. I like to consider myself both a gamer and a book worm, as both of those fronts have drawn me into the EU so much (and of course, I like other non-Star Wars games and books too), but I tend to gravitate towards the novels more, such as the New Jedi Order series. I do reviews for Man in Black Reviews and NJOE as well.

May the Force be with you all!