E3: Gameplay Demo and Q&A with Daniel Erickson

This is what everyone has been waiting for from E3- at least all of us SWTOR fans anyway.

Daniel Erickson hosted a live demo session using a level 26 Bounty Hunter questing on Tatooine from the E3 floor. Those there could experience it live with full graphics. As he was playing, community members were able to ask questions to Stephen Reid via Cover it Live. There is a live stream you can listen to for yourself.
Here are some of the highlights covered in this Q&A session:

  • Anchorhead is the main Republic outpost on Tatooine.
  • Tatooine is a mid-20’s planet and is the first planet where Republic and Sith can openly clash.
  • Bounty hunters will get a Jawa companion named Blizz.
  • Speeders will be available as mounts.
  • No Ewoks will appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • When you die, you can either respawn at a med center or use a medical probe to revive where you died. The medical probe revives you in a 12 second duration stealth to get to a safe location.
  • There will be different quality (speed) mounts, and special hard-to-get mounts for those that want to work for them.
  • Droids companions will get special droid-specific items.
  • Companions still in flux – will receive another revision soon.
  • Class quests gate content. Leveling solely through PvP is difficult and not recommended.
  • You can have 5 companions on your main character and 5 companions on all your alts and they will all be able to craft at the same time
  • There will be different sized raids based on difficulty level, with the smaller raid being an 8-man. Not sure about the bigger raid makeup yet.

As for the number of characters allowed per server, for all of you alt-a-holics, this has not been clearly defined or released yet. It’s understood that you would have enough slots to try each class per server but it’s not really clear yet.

Also, crafting should prove actually beneficial since crafted equipment will be needed to get you into raids that have the best equipment found on the server.

Check out the gameplay Demo below: