Selling Currency to a Game Not Yet Released?

Apparently you can buy SWTOR credits now, even though the game has not yet released. For gamers who partake in gold/currency-buying, this might be good news. For others, it’s an early sign of the annoying “gold-spammers” might cause in the increasingly popular game.
Companies selling Star Wars: The Old Republic currency for real-world money are already on the Net and bartering their goods, months before the expected release of the game. Popular gold seller IGXE (Internet Game Exchange) recently released a press release about their placeholder pricing on SWTOR credits at £650 for 1000 credits.
A simple search online will show you many other companies getting in the SWTOR action with promises of credit/gold to players. Just a few examples of the existing domains hawking non-existent credits include:,,,,,,, and
The closer it gets to launch time for the game, the more we will probably expect to see from these companies. But for anyone considering buying from them, it brings up a lot of questions. First, how can they be considered trustworthy? How can they possibly know anything about earning gold/credits in a game that has not yet been released?
Are they that convinced of their abilities that they believe they can quickly obtain gold/credits once the game is released? Or is this just another example of everything trying to get a piece of the pie when it comes to the popularity of SWTOR?
We wrote about this recently, as you may remember, and it looks like the verdict is still the same: Everyone wants SWTOR, even the gold sellers!

Edit: The GUNNSHOP  has a few words to say about it: