Ultimate Gambling Guide for GTA Online

GTA Online released an event that many gamers have been waiting ages for: Diamond Casino & Resort Gambling Spot.  While there is a lot of debate whether this is good or not, players should know what this online casino offers and how to play.

Chips in GTA Online Casino

It is worth noting that chips are different from the standard game currency, which can be bought with real money. When visiting the GTA for the first time, players can obtain a Standard Membership by paying 500 units of GTA in-game currency at the “Cashier Services booth”. For this, gamers receive an initial stack of 5,000 chips. Additional chips can be acquired at the rate of 1 chip for 1 GTA $; the max number is 20k chips per day, plus a bonus of 1k chips for visiting daily. VIP status increases the maximum chip limit to 50k each game day. 

Baccarat online at GTA Casino

Baccarat online is perhaps the most difficult game available. During the game, players can make two types of bets: the first is ante, where gamers play against the dealer. After receiving the cards, two options are available: pass or bet. If the player chooses “bet” the dealer is forced to show his cards. The best hand wins. The second type of bet is “pair plus”. Players will receive the prize money depending on the best combination. 

Wheel of Fortune 

The Wheel of Fortune is located on the ground floor near the cashier’s office. Once a day, gamers are able to spin it for a random prize; Chips, virtual money, skins, as well as major prizes such as a car! Below is the probability of winning particular items:

  • Car: 1 to 20
  • Discount for car purchase: 1 to 20
  • Random Surprise: 1 to 20
  • Clothing: 4 to 20
  • Chips: 4 to 20
  • In-game currency: 4 to 20

There were some rumors related to a GTA Online Casino glitch when spinning the wheel; you always win GTA 5 great prizes consecutively, using some button tricks. It seems like developers have already fixed the issue, and the wheel runs smoothly now.


Slots online, which are decorated in the spirit of various GTA 5 bet entertainment shows, are located anywhere in the casino. The minimum bet can vary from 5 to 500 chips, and the maximum winnings can be 5X the amount of the initial bet. Moreover, money prizes are paid out in 98.7% of cases. 

Virtual racing 

As a part of the virtual horse racing, players may choose from two options – single event and main event. The main event starts every five minutes, and all the results can be seen on the main screen after the race is over. Similar to real life racing, the player needs to choose a horse and make a bet at the terminal; the higher the bet, you have the probability of winning of a particular horse, the lower, you can receive a payout. 

Roulette online

This is a standard American-style roulette, but with 0 and 00 slots available, which slightly increases the player’s chances of winning. Players can always win GTA 5, betting on separate numbers, on red / black, even / odd, and much more. It is possible to make up to 10 bets to increase the chances of winning.

Where to spend chips

Chips can be spent not only playing different card games or slots, but also in a casino store. The players can exchange them for various skins and accessories, or buy paintings for the penthouse (for VIP memberships only). In this case, all the items bought are exclusive.


GTA online betting is a representation of a real-life based gambling spot where players can come to enjoy gambling. A wide range of games, slots, races and other interactive entertainments are already available in GTA huge casino.  Just choose a game and try it out to win exclusive prizes!