3 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning on the DraftKings Sportsbook App

There has been a dramatic shift in sports betting across the US. Since the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling this past May, the landscape has changed, and changed rapidly. New Jersey was one of the earliest states to legalize sports betting.

DraftKings immediately stepped to the forefront as a leading option. DK operates a sportsbook app in New Jersey. Winning as a sports gambling isn’t something that happens instantly. Here are three tips to help improve your chances of winning on DraftKing’s sportsbook app in New Jersey.

Realistic Optimism

You may have heard it a hundred times, but it bears worth repeating. Never bet with money you do not have. Keeping that old adage in mind, you also need to temper your expectations with some reality.

While there are a few got-rich-quick stories about sports bettors, most winners play consistently and with a level-headed sense of realistic optimism. Big layouts on half-baked hunches usually don’t produce big winners. However, they can quickly burn up your bankroll.

Speaking of a bankroll, know your financial limitations and employ a sound bankroll strategy. Staying within your means will become the cornerstone to keeping a realistic view of the outcomes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research and bet to win. But, it does mean you’ll enjoy sports betting if you maintain realistic optimism.

Get the Most Favorable Odds

This is another one that even a novice sports betting will consider to be at some level common sense. However, finding favorable odds isn’t as easy it seems. If it was, everyone would be posting winning tickets and the sportsbook operators would soon go broke.

The fact is the largest percentage of bets turn out to be non-winners. So, how can you gain an edge and be on the short end of the percentages as a winner? One way is to do some game research and try to pinpoint the games with more favorable odds.

Track injury reports, and learn how to grab favorable game odds before they shift after a final active/inactive list gets posted. Study game history to see if you can spot trends between teams that make point spreads or over/under lines easy targets.

If you can follow games live, there are times when live betting odds can change quickly. Sometimes these types of changes can give you a quick edge. Gaining favorable odds is every bettor’s goal. To get the most favorable odds you can look for changing trends, study match up histories, plus work the live odds as they change during a game.

Take Advantage of Freebies and Incentives

Everyone likes the idea of betting with house money. Look for special promotions that offer matching bonuses or free bets. If you’re just starting out, try to take full advantage of matching deposit offers, and risk free bets. We’ve looked around online and Lineups has the biggest draftkings promo bonus we’ve seen of up to $500+ 4 $20 bets.

Look for promotion codes that give you a particular amount in free bets when you open a new account. There are also codes that offer bonus credits if you post bets of at least a certain dollar amount. Odds boosts are another way to improve your chances of winning.

Sites such as DraftKing’s sportsbook app will frequently have a daily odds boost. Look for these and take advantage of the improved chances for winning. Grabbing free opportunities, and being keen to catch free incentives, are great ways to improve your chances of winning on DraftKing’s sportsbook app.

Betting on sporting events adds a unique air of excitement to the game. It’s even more fun when you win money. To help improve your odds of being in the money, bet with realistic optimism, look for the most favorable odds, and take advantage of opportunities. If you can work these three tips into your sports betting strategy, you may be the winner cashing the big check.