Star Wars: The Old Republic Development Update: A "New Beginning"

Star Wars: The Old Republic Development Update: A “New Beginning”

The future of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been in question recently due to a potential development shift to a third-party studio. However, the game’s leadership team wants to assure fans that the shift does not spell doom for the popular game, but rather, represents a “new beginning” for SWTOR.

In a post on the official SWTOR forums, Keith Kanneg, a leading figure in the SWTOR team, addressed various questions that the community had regarding this shift. The post offered reassurances and clarified the future direction of the game​​. This update followed earlier news that Electronic Arts (EA) was in discussions with Broadsword to potentially take over SWTOR’s development, sparking questions and concerns within the community​.

The Future of SWTOR

According to Kanneg, the transition to a third-party studio is likely to be seamless for players, with no significant changes to their gaming experience. He confirmed that support for SWTOR will remain unchanged and players can continue to utilize the EA Support Page or in-game tools for assistance. Furthermore, players’ in-game accounts and purchases will remain unaffected by this transition​1​.

Kanneg also laid out plans for the future, stating that the focus of the team will be on continuing to prepare for Game Updates 7.3.1 and 7.4. The team is also planning for the years 2024 and 2025 with a focus on content and continued modernization initiatives. This suggests a strong commitment to further evolving and expanding the SWTOR universe​​.

SWTOR’s Development Shift

In response to concerns about the game entering a “maintenance mode” following the development shift, Kanneg categorically stated that this is not the case. He affirmed that the SWTOR team is actively working on future plans, including more story and modernization initiatives for the game. As a part of these initiatives, the team has upgraded the game to a 64-bit version and is currently working on moving the servers to the cloud, with more content and tech updates on the way​.

The team’s physical presence will continue to remain in Austin, despite the fact that they are a remote team with staff members working from home throughout the US and beyond. They are also securing a new office space in Austin, indicating a continued investment in the game’s development​​.

EA’s Role in the Future of SWTOR

EA, despite discussions about a third-party studio taking over the development, will remain the publisher on record for SWTOR. This means that the SWTOR team will continue to control the development and direction of the game, with EA providing publishing and player support. As such, it appears that EA’s role in SWTOR’s future will remain significant and supportive of the team’s goals and objectives​​.

Kanneg ended his post on a positive note, dispelling any feelings of “doom and gloom” that may have arisen from the news of the development shift. He emphasized that this change represents a “new beginning” for the SWTOR team, and players can expect further updates and improvements, such as improved integrations with Steam and updating to DirectX 12, in the coming weeks and months​​.

Thus, despite the impending shift in SWTOR’s development, the game’s future appears to be secure, with new updates, technological improvements, and story content on the way. For players, it seems to be business as usual, with the same immersive Star Wars experience they have come to know and love.


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