Bioware Puts Focus on story-based Flashpoints for SWTOR Future

Stay Classy, Consular…

It has been almost a month since the release of SWTOR and the first patch, 1.1 is due out next week. Many players, like me, are anxious to know what new content the patch will add to the game. Some players love all the MMO instances they can get so they can fight bad guys for loot and XP to level up faster. Others prefer story based flashpoints where they can concentrate more on their character. It really depends on the player and your gamer style. interviewed Bioware Gabe Amatangelo and asked the question, “Do you think, moving forward, you’ll be focusing on the story-based flashpoints more than the traditional MMO-style instances?”

Amatangelo answered by saying, “We’re taking a look at metrics, but we’re inclined to do more of the story ones.”

How do you feel about that answer? Are you excited to hear Bioware’s upcoming flashpoints will mainly revolve around the storyline?

Are you even more excited about the game or would you be happier if they were focusing more on instances?

If you’d like to read more about what Amatangelo had to say about the upcoming Flashpoints SWTOR plan to release, visit for the full interview.

Lisa Clark

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