Star Wars: Force Arena – New Cards and Special Mission

With the patch update the other day, the Force Arena team released a small content update with new cards. Check it out:

[Notice] New Cards and Special Mission CM Simon | 2017/02/09 11:37

1. 2 New Units Added

Rebel Alliance

Meet the peaceful herbivore, Bantha, in Force Arena’s Battlefield.

The Bantha is a very versatile animal. It’s fur, leather, meat, and bones are all useful! Even it’s feces can be used as fuel! Such an amazing resource! It also has Blue Milk which is amazing if you haven’t tried it! However, in Force Arena we have no use for such things. We need to tame the beast and weaponize it to strike fear into our enemies!

-The Bantha (Not the Rider) is an animal which will move its heavy feet to attack structures.

-The Bantha will be able to take an insane amount of damage, but its focus remains on structures. Rebels will no longer need to be jealous of the Empire’s AT-ST

-Even when the Bantha falls, the Rebel Trooper on his back will spring into action and keep battling.

*All numbers taken at Level 1. Numbers may change at release


Tatooine‘s gigantic Reptile, the Dewback, will be making its way into the Battlefield.

The Dewback is a reptile that has thick skin. Its movement is usually slow, but with the push of its rider, can be made to run at blinding speeds! Soon, you will be able to have the power of the Dewback in your own hands.

-The Dewback (not the Dewback Trooper) is a melee unit that moves to the front really slowly with it’s unique but flexible movement. Once it locks on to its foe, however, it charges into it at full speed.

– The Dewback’s wild and heavy attacks are critical to this units power. Units which get a little too close to it will be crushed without hesitation.

-If the poor Dewback falls in battle, the rider will dismount the felled Dewback and attack the opponents tenaciously!

*All numbers taken at Level 1. Numbers may change at release

2: New Special Mission Added

To celebrate the new units, and to help you level them up, we have introduced a new batch of Special Missions. Check the table below for more information about these special missions.

When you start the game up after maintenance, you will be prompted to download a small content patch. Once this patch finishes, you will be able to play the game and enjoy the new cards.

Thank you!