Star Wars: Force Arena – 2.5 Update Details

Another update is finally here! Next game update will bring many new changes like new units, a new map, and a new game mode!

Check out the details below to learn more of what’s in store in the 2.5 update:

■ New Legendary / Unique Cards Added!

– [Resistance] Added ‘Legendary’ Card Luke Skywalker (Ahch-To).

– [Resistance] Added ‘Unique’ Card ‘R2-D2’.

– [First Order] Added ‘Legendary’ Card ‘Supreme Leader Snoke’.

– [First Order] Added ‘Unique’ Card ‘Elite Praetorian Guards’.


Luke Skywalker (Ahch-To) and R2-D2 can be unlocked upon reaching Tier 10 (Aurodium Challenger) in the Light Side.

– Supreme Leader Snoke and Elite Praetorian Guards can be used unlocked upon reaching Tier 10 (Aurodium Challenger) in the Dark Side.

– The details of each new card are based on Level 1.

– Details are subject to change and we will inform you of any changes.

Resistance – Light Side

With the betrayal of Ben Solo – student and nephew of Luke Skywalker –, and feeling responsible for all the chaos that had followed, Luke had given up on becoming a Jedi Master and confined himself in the planet Ahch-To. But with the help of an old master, he has returned to save the final hope of the galaxy – the Resistance, and found the true power of the Force.

He is now able to summon a projection to provoke enemies and is able to deflect blast fire. Destroy the First Order with Luke, who has rejuvenated the Resistance once more!

► Attacks nearby units and deflect blaster fire when standing still with his lightsaber.

► Use his skill to summon an illusion of himself to provoke the enemy Leader and units.

► Luke’s HP will continuously decrease while the Projection skill is active.

► The projection will disappear if the skill button is tapped again or if Luke’s HP is too low.

► Luke can freely move while the Projection skill is active.

► With his special ability, Energy regeneration rate increases while his projection skill is active.

► Attacks enemies using electricity.

► Can release smokescreen to obscure the vision of nearby units, reducing their attack range.

► Large enemies like AT-ST Walker are unaffected by the smokescreen.

First Order – Dark Side

The First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke shows no mercy. He corrupted Ben Solo into becoming Kylo Ren and he rules the battlefield with his superb skills of the Dark Side.

Snoke can attack a number of enemies at once with bouncing lightning and can force opponents to become immobile, turning the battle in his favor. He also uses a strong push towards nearby enemies, sending them far back and even silencing enemy Leaders so they cannot use their skill for a certain amount of time.

The entire galaxy will be kneeling down to First Order with Supreme Leader Snoke!

► Can attack up to 3 enemies at a time with bouncing lightning.

► Use a powerful push that also inflicts damage then push opponents far away.

► Unlike other Leaders, double tapping on the map will immobilize enemies in front.

► If an enemy Leader gets hit by Snoke’s Push skill, he/she will be silenced and will not be able to use his/her skill for a certain amount of time.

Reveal the true power of the First Order to the enemies with the mighty Elite Praetorian Guard!

Equipped with a fearful crimson armor and various weapons, these guards give a nightmare to any who stands in their way.

The Seventh Guard uses a razor sharp Vibro-arbir blade, causing enemies to bleed, while the Third Guard uses a Bilari electro-chain whip that stuns. As a team, if one of them starts attacking, the other will follow and attack the same opponent together.

Reveal the true power of the First Order to the enemies with the mighty Elite Praetorian Guard!

 The Seventh Guard and the Third Guard will be deployed together.

► The Seventh Guard can cause bleed while the Third Guard can stun enemies.

► One will come rushing to aid the other guard and attack the same enemy if one of them started engaging in battle.

■ Unit Changes and Improvements!

The following improvements are made in the game for better gaming experience.

Please see the details below:

– Common improvements

  1. Fixed the issue where Leaders continue to move toward a target even after it is eliminated.
  2. Leaders run or dash, making them exhausted. Stamina regeneration improved to allow users to run and dash more frequently.
  3. Fixed an issue where user Support Cards spawn on the same location as enemy Support Cards when activated at the same time.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Zabrak Assassins and Resistance Sniper occasionally attacks the Leader, but ignores the Leader’s taunt.
  5. The “Health Recover Amount” icon will change in the card details.
  6. The “Taunt Status” icon will change as it is used during battles.

– Light Side Unit Improvements

  1. AI improvement for the Resistance Grenadier; can now attack tech units within its attack range.
  2. Fixed an issue where Darth Maul dies and revives during Anakin Skywalker’s push and pull animation, and Anakin stops midway through.
  3. Fixed an issue for the Unstable GNK Droid where when facing obstructing effects before self-exploding, it vanishes without an explosion.
  4. Fixed an issue where when Obi-Wan Kenobi uses his skill without targeting (users tap on the skill icon several times), he stops to attack nearby enemies.
  5. Fixed an issue where the targeting for Resistance Sniper attacks abruptly changes when a new target closer than the initial target emerges.

– Dark Side Unit Improvements

  1. Fixed an issue when deploying more than one First Order BB-Unit then deploying other tech unit will cause the BB-Unit to show irregular movements.
  2. After Darth Maul revives, an issue where he uses his skill without any movement or his skill does not activate occasionally is fixed.
  3. Fixed an issue where Darth Maul’s skill cool time occasionally resets after reviving.
  4. General Grievous’ skill animation cut issue is fixed.
  5. Fixed an issue where Seventh Sister occasionally summons Seeker Droids slower.
  6. Fixed the issue where Seventh Sister will never summon her Seeker Droids when faced with a stun effect at the beginning of the battle.
  7. Fixed an issue where Separatist Assassin Droid will now no longer summon Probe Killers when it is disabled.

■ New Battlefield and Arcade Mode Added!

► New battlefield ‘Crait’ added

* Crait is exclusively for the newly added Arcade mode, ‘All Out War’!

Crait was the location used by our heroes of the Resistance for their battle with Kylo Ren and his First Order army. Once an outpost used by the Rebel Alliance, white salt covers the surface of this planet, and its bright red soil is revealed as Ski Speeders fly around, making it an intense battlefield for any all-out battle ahead!

► New Arcade Mode added: ‘All Out War’

See how well you man your units, even without your Leader! Know your units’ strengths and weaknesses, and place them strategically on the field. Use Support cards to help you turn the tides towards your favor. Battle each other in this chaotic All Out War mode, and be the first to defeat all enemy units!

[How to Participate in All Out War]

All Out War can be seen as one of the choices in the Arcade mode. Like some modes, this will also have a scheduled rotation (see new schedule below).

[New Arcade Rotation Intervals]

* The yellow bars represent when that specific game mode will open
* Reset time will be at 00:00 (UTC+0) | 05:00PM (PDT) the previous day
(Ex. Energy Boost will open at Thursday, 00:00 (UTC+0) | Wednesday, 05:00PM (PDT).)
* During the first week right after the update, All Out War will open on 3/15 after the update ~ 3/19 05:59 (UTC+0). This will affect the Energy Boost mode, so the time will change for this week only.

All Out War uses many cards at once! Pick up to 14 units plus 4 support cards, for a total of 18 cards!

  1. You can change your side by tapping the icons here.
  2. Your deck is found here. (14) Units and (4) support cards are separated.
  3. All cards you currently own except Legendary and Unique cards appear here.

* All Out War will be unlocked upon reaching Tier 4 in any Faction.
* You can switch your deck settings by tapping [Edit Deck] in the main screen of All Out War mode.
* A minimum of 14 Units and 4 Support Cards are required to enter this mode.

Similar with other Arcade modes, it includes both Challenge Battle and Normal Battle.

Challenge battle costs 200 Crystals to participate, but offers better rewards compared to the free entry of Normal Battle.

[Challenge Battle and Normal Battle Rewards]

[All Out War Walkthrough]

  1. Deployment Phase

At the start of the battle, you can deploy units from the deck you created.
The deployed units will be assigned to a position, but they will not move yet. You can only deploy units on your side, so make sure to deploy what you can before the timer above runs out.

Once the time runs out, the battle will begin and you will no longer be allowed to deploy additional units.
It’s very crucial to set up your units strategically! Try to get the most out of where you place your units.

  1. Battle Phase

In this phase, all units deployed will now move and start to battle with the enemies. At this point, you can only use support cards to help out your units on the field.

Results will depend on one of two factors:
– Eliminating all the enemy units
– Destroying the Shield Generator first

* Energy boost will not work at this phase
* You can only use the support cards you have pre-selected in the deck selection

■ Rematch System for 1 vs 1 Added!

If you had a really competitive battle with someone, and wish to battle the same opponent once more, then now you can with the new rematch system added for 1 vs 1 Ranked Match!

A rematch can be requested in the results screen after the match. This will activate if the opponent agrees within a given time.

* You will be unable to request for a rematch if the opponent already left the results screen (button will be grayed out).
* Rematch can be held twice.
* If both users ask for a rematch, the screen will proceed to battle without waiting.

■ Real Time Spectator System Added!

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could watch your Guild members as they play a match? With the new spectator system, you can now watch them in real time! You could learn a thing or two from them and share battle strategies with one another!

In the Guild Chat tab, if your members are currently in a battle, a blue-eyed icon will appear beside their names.

As a spectator, you can view both sides of the battle, be it your guild member or the opponent.
You are also able to view each players’ deck more than once.

* Cards that have not been used by the players in battle will appear as an inverted card.
* This feature is available in all game modes except All Out War Arcade mode and Training mode.

■ Tier Achievement Exclusive Item Packs Added!

Tier Achievement Exclusive Item Pack

The Tier Achievement Exclusive Item Pack will only appear if the player reached certain Tiers.
This pack is available in Tiers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, and will appear in the Featured tab in the Shop.

* Meet the required Tier for this pack to appear. This will be a day-long offer.
* This pack can only be purchased once per account.
* If the player reached one of the listed Tiers, but did not purchase the pack yet, it will display again after a certain period of time.

[List of Exclusive Items in the Tier Achievement Exclusive Item Pack]

* This pack is separated by Faction, but has the same contents.
* It is not possible to get cards from the other Faction.
* This pack will only give cards in the same Tier achieved.
(Ex. If a Tier 3 player opens a Tier 2 pack, that player will not get cards higher than Tier 2.)
* The Legendary/Epic Card Packs give a random quantity of Legendary/Epic Cards from the designated Faction.
* The Advanced Pack gives Rare and Common rarity Cards, and Credits.

■ Repeated Leader Purchase System Added!

Leveling up specific Leaders can get difficult, especially with the increased number of Leaders added in the game. Now, you could get the Leader you want in this new purchase system! Not only can you buy them once, but multiple times in specific intervals!

In the Cards tab in the Shop, you can purchase up to 6 Legendary Cards! Tap on the Faction to see the list of Cards available. The list is already arranged in the order you will receive them when purchased. This is a great way to level up your Leaders faster!
* Products change at 00:00 (UTC+0), the same time as the other items in the shop shuffle.

■ Other Improvements

  1. Card distribution list of Tier Advancement Pack is changed.

[Changed list of Tier Advancement Pack]

* A card will be distributed upon Tier Rank Up.

  1. Improvements in some images and modellings in the game.
  2. Users who already own the 40th Anniversary Luke and Vader will be able to possibly earn another 40th Anniversary Leader as one of the rewards from Pick a Winner.
    * Pick a Winner results are random.
  3. New in-game Shop system to promote new packs is added; Event products and some card packages will be displayed in a pop-up screen on the main menu screen.
  4. New Item Pack of product is added which appears after meeting certain conditions in the game.