Top 12 Video Game Opening Cinematic Trailers

GameGame trailers have long been a part of modern video game culture. A good trailer can impress, surprise, and give hope that the game will be exciting. And sometimes, it is the trailers that become the decisive factor in choosing a particular game project.

The main tasks of these videos are to impress, surprise and intrigue the player. The trailer should evoke emotions so that the gamer would add a future project to his list of expectations or pre-order. If the game is already out, then he bought it accordingly. Here are 12 video game trailers that do just that.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead Vide Game

The release of this trailer was too exciting for every fan of the series. Valve began to reveal in the video all the chips that gamers could only guess about. Fans described the video as an introductory video to the process of the game.

Here you can find an artificial intelligence the Director (English AI Director), which affects the entire plot, adapts to the player’s skills. Also, you can change such process parameters as the number of Infected, the frequency, and the place of their appearance. The game also knows how to think. So, the Intellect of the game calculates: on what level you play, how quickly you deal with the enemy, how many cartridges and lives you have and taking all this, it calculates how many zombies to set on you and in what place during the game to release the tank, by the way, you may not meet him at all until the final battle.

Mass Effect 3

The trailer amazed everyone with its epicness, only increasing the hype. The creators managed to show everything that fans expected to see in the third part. Epic, new heroes, old familiar characters, and, of course, unique missions – these are the main features of the video sequence for the third part of the game.

The main feature of the game can be considered the number of variants. It, to one degree or another, affects the plot and the ending. Everything will depend on the actions of the player. The way we communicate with other characters, which side we take, what missions, and how successfully we complete them, everything is like in real life. Such a thorough and meticulous approach amazed fans. Many recognized the third part as the best in the series.

Mass Effect 3 Video Game

The Fallout 3

The game has many Easter eggs and exciting chips. It will make the gamer think and try to unravel the secrets of the game. All this only adds to the interest of the series and shows how carefully the creators treated the details. The world is built in such a way that secrets and easter eggs can be found literally at every stage of the game.

And in the trailer itself, the creators decided to have an epic soundtrack and beautiful graphics, which should definitely appeal to the most ardent fans of the series.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There was no better way to present the game than with a trailer that had almost no sound and instead played “Nuclear” by composer Mike Oldfield in the background.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of these games where players can discover new details or gadgets even after hundreds of hours of gameplay. In this post, we have put together the most interesting facts and trivia about one of the most high-profile games of the past year. Many are probably already known, while others may not!

  • When you leave the mission area, don’t be afraid to leave your horse unattended. It is equipped with its own Fulton device and will fly away on her own.
  • If Big Boss is badly injured during a mission, a bag of blood will be connected to the hero in the helicopter.
  • An enemy who falls into the water or was shot with a tranquilizer or stunned will drown.
  • You can prevent the fulton from escaping to your base by shooting the ball.
  • If Big Boss doesn’t wash for several days, the enemies will smell his body odor and try to find him. Wild animals will mistake the hero for a corpse.
  • Prolonged abstinence from the shower activates the “Boss you stink” Ocelot bucket scene – YouTube.
  • Dirt and blood can be washed off by exposure to rain.

Battlefield 1 The Revolution

The footage released for the initial part of the series became incredibly entertaining, which has not ceased to be mentioned by numerous fans. By literally chaining the viewer to the monitor screens, the creators managed to show all the epic nature and scope of the game without disappointing the fans.

The weapon and gadget discovery in Battlefield 1 is based on systems similar to BF4 and Hardline. This means that you need to pump the rank – not of your soldier, but of a specific class to unlock new weapons, but even in this case, you will not be able to use them right away. The heavy weapons require class 3, so you won’t need to grind a lot. After reaching the desired rank, you will need to buy weapons for the in-game currency – Bonds. This currency accumulates as you play, but there will not be much of it. It means that at first, you will have to consider what to spend the bonds on.


BioShok Video Game

The publishers of the game decided to show fans a double video sequence. The video changes to a first-person view, the picture becomes gloomy and harsh. It flawlessly conveys the atmosphere of the series and the personal story of the protagonist.

The greatest strength of Bioshock is by far the exemplary presentation of the story through the environment. Each level boasts dozens of understandable examples. Posters depicting the Prophet, statues with solemn inscriptions, cinema booths with propaganda videos, souvenir toys – all this allows the player to acquaint the player with the mythology of the flying city and tell about the order prevailing there.

Learning new gameplay mechanics is presented as a plot event that fits seamlessly into the narrative. In the beginning, the main character visits the fair, where he can shoot at a shooting range and play mini-games with specific abilities. Instructions with rules for the use of attractions are part of the environment and are presented in plates.

Dead Space

The game creators decided to show one of the most realistic trailers, bringing it as close as possible to the game process. This became one of his features, making it almost unique. Around the middle, the trailer finishes telling about the events and immerses the viewer in the game atmosphere. So that fans can experience true horror.

The first Dead Space, according to the developers, was born almost by a miracle. The studio, which was then still called EA Redwood Shores, was finishing work on the James Bond game From Russia With Love and dreamed of working on something original.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Video Game

The creators show in the video almost the entire story that the player should expect in the new part of the game series in four minutes, adding to this a few chips and mechanics.

The action takes place three hundred years after the passages of the Knights of the Old Republic. And about three and a half thousand years before the moment when Luke finds out who his father really is. A fragile peace has been established between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The confrontation has not stopped. And both factions, by force or cunning, are trying to undermine the influence on the enemy and strengthen their positions.

Dead Island

The developers of the trailer for the game decided to make it memorable and showed the events in reverse order. The process shown in the video captures the audience with the heartfelt story of a family that fights with whole crowds and packs of zombies. Feelings, emotions, and fear were perfectly conveyed in this trailer, for which it is considered one of the best.

If you enter the water, the zombies that are chasing you will drown after the first kick. Why this is so is not clear. But in any case, this is worth bearing in mind. You can also kill a lot of zombies if you collect a locomotive and climb onto the car. For some reason, zombies cannot get in there, so you just have to interrupt them. Easy experience and easy money. By the way, everything that you earn during the first playthrough of the game, you will receive at the beginning of the second playthrough as already known.

The reviews unanimously note the original place of the development of the zombie apocalypse – a tropical island. The player will have to fight for life in a beach resort. Although gloomy locations such as infected urban slums and a medical laboratory are not excluded.

Gears Of War The

The uniqueness of this video sequence is that it focuses on the atmosphere and emotions. It turned out to be a very interesting and unusual marketing ploy. Throwing away almost all the sound and graphics, the creators concentrated on whipping up the atmosphere. Many of the fans later shared that during the viewing of a video, they got goosebumps. It was so epic and cool.

The protagonist of the game is Marcus Phoenix. A massive, brutal, battle-hardened warrior who participated in all the key battles of the great war. His awards are innumerable, and every young man knows about his exploits. The story begins in a maximum-security prison, where this is the “hero” and is roaring.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The trailer is over nine years old but still contains breathtaking scenes, epic music, and spooky ominous storytelling. Even people unfamiliar with the franchise can feel that the game will lead to some kind of climax.

The basis of the game mechanics of Human Revolution is biomechanical implants, which our hero is stuffed with. All the improvements available in the game are already implanted in Adam. But they are off – Jensen’s brain has not yet recovered from his injuries and will not be able to control so many pieces of iron if they are turned on at the same time. Therefore, we will connect the implants manually using the Praxis software packages. Jensen receives one such package with each level increase – his brain slowly gets used to the new body. In addition, “praxis” can be found in caches or received as a reward for some tasks.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This trailer perfectly illustrates the variety of things you can do in the lawless Wild West while leaving plenty of room for imagination! And even if magnificent landscapes, mesmerizing aesthetics, and a possibility to feel like a real cowboy did not impress you, the fabulous accent of characters surely will.

Since its release, Red Dead Redemption 2 has broken several sales records. In just two weeks after their launch, over 17 million copies of the game have been sold, bringing Rockstar over $ 725 million in profit. It received the highest praise from the press. The reviewers awarded the highest praise for the plot, the characters, the freedom given to the player, and the developers’ extreme attention to detail.

Due to the wide-open possibilities that the gamers of Red Dead Redemption 2 provide, not all secrets are known to the general public. Of course, no one concretely conceals them. But they are presumably once so inconceivable that one can guess about them only for good reason.

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