Dreamcast Revives the Force with Unofficial Star Wars Game: Dream Of The Rebellion

Dreamcast Revives the Force with Unofficial Star Wars Game: Dream Of The Rebellion

In an exciting development for Dreamcast enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike, homebrew developer Frogbull, known for his remarkable work on the Saturn, has announced a new project that’s sure to stir the hearts of many: “Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion.” This unofficial Star Wars game draws inspiration from the acclaimed Rogue Squadron series by Factor 5, offering players the chance to pilot the iconic X-Wing fighter in a battle against waves of TIE fighters to restore peace to the galaxy.

A Missed Connection Between Sega and Star Wars

Frogbull’s project is born out of a nostalgic connection between Sega and Star Wars that, he believes, was under-exploited on the Dreamcast platform. Despite Sega’s creation of fantastic Star Wars arcade titles in the late ’90s, such as “Star Wars Trilogy: Arcade” and “Star Wars: Racer Arcade,” the Dreamcast saw only three Star Wars games: “Jedi Power Battles,” “Demolition,” and “Episode I: Racer.” Notably, none of these titles offered players the chance to control an X-Wing, a gap Frogbull aims to fill with “Dream Of The Rebellion.”

The Making of Dream Of The Rebellion

Frogbull has meticulously assembled “Dream Of The Rebellion” using 3D models from various Star Wars games to recreate iconic vehicles and environments. The X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Star Destroyer models were sourced from Pandemic Studios’ “Star Wars: Battlefront,” while the Mission Control and Hangar Bay HF-201 were ripped from “Star Wars Rogue Squadron” using a modified GLideN64 plugin by Luctaris that allows for scene ripping from N64 games.

To enhance the game’s authenticity, Frogbull employed AI technology for radio messages and the voice of C-3PO. The immersive soundscape is crafted using music and sounds from classic Star Wars games, including “Rogue Squadron,” “Rogue Leader,” and “X-Wing Alliance.

Hands-On with the Demo

Our friends over at Sega Guys have gone hands-on with the demo of “Dream Of The Rebellion,” providing a glimpse into the game’s mechanics and atmosphere. The footage showcases the meticulous attention to detail and passion that Frogbull has poured into this project, promising an engaging and nostalgic experience for players.


“Star Wars: Dream Of The Rebellion” represents a labor of love and a tribute to the missed opportunities of the Dreamcast era. By blending iconic elements of the Star Wars universe with the capabilities of the Dreamcast, Frogbull is not only reviving a piece of gaming history but also offering fans a new way to experience the saga’s epic battles. As the project continues to develop, the anticipation among the gaming community grows, eager to pilot their X-Wings in this exciting new adventure.