Game Update 7.4 "Chains in the Dark" is coming December 5th!

SWTOR’s Game Update 7.4 “Chains in the Dark” Brings New Adventures and Enhancements

In the upcoming article, we delve into the exciting new developments in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), as the game gears up for its latest update, “Chains in the Dark.” Scheduled for release on December 5th, this update promises to bring a host of new features and enhancements to the beloved MMORPG. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • New Daily Area: Explore Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell, complete with repeatable missions and rewards.
  • Continued Storyline: Follow the next chapter in Lane Vizla’s saga, alongside intriguing characters.
  • Formidable World Boss: Battle FR3-D0M and stand a chance to win unique mounts.
  • GTN Overhaul: Experience a revamped Galactic Trade Network for streamlined transactions.
  • Cinematic Lighting Enhancements: Enjoy improved character lighting in all cinematic content.
  • New Cartel Market Items: Discover new armor sets and weapons, including limited-time dye packs.
  • Life Day Celebrations: Participate in the festive Life Day event with new outfits and activities.

Join us as we explore each of these features in detail, highlighting how they contribute to the evolving SWTOR experience.

Embark on New Missions and Face Formidable Challenges

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is set to launch Game Update 7.4, titled “Chains in the Dark,” on December 5th. This update introduces a wealth of new content and enhancements, promising to elevate the gaming experience for players across the galaxy.

New Daily Area: Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell

  • Features: Players can explore Kessan’s Landing, a new Daily Area on Ord Mantell. This area offers repeatable missions, new Achievements, and Reputation rewards. Additionally, players can embark on a chain of side missions across the galaxy to assemble a crucial piece of tech for Kessan’s Landing.

Continuation of Lane Vizla’s Storyline

  • Story Progression: The storyline of Lane Vizla continues in Game Update 7.4, following the events of Showdown on Ruhnuk (Game Update 7.2). Players will join forces with Lane Vizla, The Curator (an expert in droid history), and an assassin droid HK-24 unit.

New World Boss: FR3-D0M

  • Challenge: Players must be cautious of burning patches of plasma during combat with FR3-D0M. Successful players have a chance to obtain the unique Mantellian Separatist Hover Turret mount.

Galactic Trade Network (GTN) Overhaul

  • Improvements: The GTN has been completely rebuilt, enhancing accessibility and streamlining the process for claiming and selling items. Players will find a new advanced search section and a more efficient flow for transactions.

Gearing Changes

  • Details: All gearing changes coming with 7.4 are detailed in a dedicated forum post.

Cinematic Lighting Updates

  • Enhancements: A new character lighting tool will be activated for all cinematic content, employing environment lighting for accurate shadows, detailed self-shadowing on characters, and custom lighting control in cinematics.

New Cartel Market Offerings

Life Day Celebrations

  • Event: Life Day returns on December 12th, featuring a new outfit, the Life Day Officer Armor.


Game Update 7.4 “Chains in the Dark” is set to be a significant addition to SWTOR, offering players new adventures, challenges, and enhancements. With its launch on December 5th, players can look forward to diving into these new experiences and continuing their journey in the Star Wars universe.