Changes coming to Loot Acquisition in SWTOR with 6.0 PTS

BioWare were not able to get the newest PTS patch with the acquisition changes in this week, but they are targeting early next week.

In the meantime, Eric Musco took some time to talk us through what is coming in this round of changes as quite a bit is changing. Check it out:

Targeting Gear
We talked about this in the last post but just to reiterate: we hear your concerns about gear dropping too randomly and so we are introducing mechanisms to work towards exactly what you want (with one change from last post). Here is what is available in this patch:

  • New vendors will sell almost every set tactical and set bonus for tech fragments and credits.
  • The only items not included on the vendors are set bonus and tacticals that drop directly in Corellia and Dxun, crafted sets and tacticals, and the Onderon Reputation vendor set.
    • Corellia and Dxun items can still drop as personal loot anywhere in the game, but they are direct bonus drops in their respective content.
    • The Corellia and Dxun items will be added to the vendors in a future patch.
    • New items in the future will also appear as targeted drops before appearing on the vendor. These new items can sometimes coincide with new content, other times will just be used to give new drops to existing content (this can include anything: Warzones, Ops, FPs, Heroics, Events, etc)
  • Kai Zykken will sell a sampling of set bonuses and tacticals at a reduced price, so you have a reason to check his wares every week.
  • In addition, almost every content type in the game has targeted drop tables. The bonus loot that drops from that content pulls from a specific set of items. Massive info dump at the bottom of the post.

Here are the details on the Corellia and Dxun drops:

Corellia – These items will be bonus drops (in addition to personal loot) from killing any boss in the Flashpoint. Drop chance increases based on difficulty.

  • Preserver’s Set (each piece drops individually)
  • Luck Always Changes Tactical

Dxun – These items will be bonus drops (in addition to personal loot) from killing specific bosses in the Operation. Drop chance increases based on difficulty. The following sets drop from Dxun bosses:

  • Operative / Scoundrel – Authority
  • Sniper / Gunslinger – Outlaws
  • Merc / Commando – Apex Predator
  • PT / Vanguard – Veteran Ranger
  • Assassin / Shadow – Rebuking Assault
  • Sorc / Sage – Endless Offensive
  • Jugg / Guardian – Flawless Riposte
  • Mara / Sentinel – Culling Blade

Specific slots drop as follows:

  • Boss 1 – Chest
  • Boss 2 – Boots
  • Boss 3 – Gloves
  • Boss 4 – Helm
  • Boss 5 – Pants
  • All bosses – Belt and Bracers

Moddable Gear
We have definitely heard concerns about the lack of mods and moddable gear as you progress through the vertical progression in Onslaught. There is one thing I want to reiterate as you consider your feedback for loot acquisition. It is our goal that your vertical progression will happen very quickly and consistently. We expect you are going to replace gear pieces very often until you hit 306, let us know if that is not the case.

We know many of you use modded armor pieces (often with augments) and so will have a desire to move mods around through your gear. This is especially true for weapons since they are currently not in appearance designer. Here are the changes we are making:

  • All weapons will now be moddable, and drop with mods included.
    • This includes both drops and purchased weapons.
  • Takatta will now sell mods by type.
    • Reminder that anything you purchase from Takatta will always be for your current Discipline and of a higher rating than your character’s current average.
  • The starter gear you receive for completing the Onslaught story (full 268 set) was previously static, it will now be moddable with mods included.
  • More mods will be dropping in general.

If you want to target specific item drops, this list covers what items drop from what content types. Reminder, this is not fully implemented onto PTS.

To start, just a reminder… the vast majority of loot you will get is personal loot. Personal loot can include any item in the game (barring the crafted and Onderon sets and tacticals) so you do not have to run the content listed below to get that drop. This allows you to gear up entirely by playing whatever you want. Also as mentioned above, most sets and tacticals can be purchased directly.

Everything listed below are bonus loot drops in addition to your personal drops. Specifics are subject to change; we will publish a final list at launch.

Daily / Weekly Missions
Drops in the crate awarded from completing Daily and Weekly Missions of any type.

  • Probe Tech
  • Squad Leader
  • Taskmaster’s
  • The Final Breath
  • Trishin’s Retort
  • Stationary Grit
  • The Entertainer’s
  • Soulbender’s
  • Descent of the Fearless


  • Durasteel Wall
  • Biorhythm
  • Greased Lightning
  • Rolling Boil
  • Reliquary of Time
  • Artistic Insights
  • T0-R0 Ionic Discharge
  • Sniper Siege
  • Ultraviolet Blast
  • Power Cycle
  • Flying Fists
  • Friend of the Force
  • Storm’s Succor
  • A Healing Hand
  • Ticking Force Bomb
  • Slow Mercy
  • Leviathan’s Hide
  • No Time for Fools
  • Spiteful Saber
  • Defel Gene Splicing
  • The Prosecution
  • Perseverance

Conquest Crates
Drop in both the personal and Guild crates earned each week from Conquests.

  • The Slow Road
  • Tactician
  • Precise Targeter
  • Hunter Killer
  • Tech Medic
  • Right Price
  • The Victor
  • Amplified Champion
  • Dire Retaliation
  • Efficient Termination
  • Death Knell
  • Saber Master
  • Empowered Restorer
  • Revitalized Mystic
  • The Undying


  • The Life Warden
  • Chant of Regeneration
  • Higher Focus
  • Hidden Power
  • Jettison
  • Surgical Shiv
  • Sonic Heal
  • Kolto Bombardment
  • An Explosive Return

Bonus group loot drop, typically off of the last boss. Increased drop chance based on difficulty.

  • Preserver (Corellia only)
  • Stimulated


  • Luck Always Changes (Corellia only)
  • Explosive Cells
  • Catalyzed Toxins
  • Regenerative Waves
  • Ward of the Continuum
  • Blade of the Elements
  • Severance Pay
  • Ruthless Interrogation
  • Hord’s Masashi Strike
  • Syn’s Second Amulet
  • Cut to Pieces
  • B-0 Differential Targeting System
  • Airborne Agents
  • Burning Bright
  • Thirsty Blade
  • Fanged God Form
  • Rocket Fuel Vapors
  • Thermal Nuclear Fusion
  • HP-5 Dart Device
  • Magnetized Shrapnel
  • Energized Charges
  • Flame Detonation
  • Superheated Fuel
  • Acid Lash
  • Synox Shots
  • Diagnositcs Probe
  • Hotswap
  • Ancient Tome of Wrath
  • May Cause Injury
  • Two Time Trouble
  • Energized Blade
  • Flame Dissipation
  • Thermal Screen
  • One For All
  • Refraction Point
  • Element Convention
  • Tempest of Rho
  • Hemophilic Slash
  • Stormwatch
  • RSVP: Plus One
  • The Rushdown
  • Malmourral Mask
  • Tomb of Smashacre
  • Enrage Crush
  • Force Barter

Bonus group loot drop, can drop from any boss. Increased drop chance based on difficulty (typically a higher bonus on the last boss).

  • Authority (Dxun Only)
  • Outlaws (Dxun Only)
  • Apex Predator (Dxun Only)
  • Veteran Ranger (Dxun Only)
  • Rebuking Assault (Dxun Only)
  • Endless Offensive (Dxun Only)
  • Flawless Riposte (Dxun Only)
  • Culling Blade (Dxun Only)
  • Aggressive Treatment
  • Established Foothold
  • Notorious
  • Double Time
  • Berserkers
  • Shadow Purger
  • Gathering Storm
  • Lord of Pain
  • Dashing Blademaster


  • Shroud of a Shadow
  • The Awakened Flame
  • Quick Escalation
  • Jaw Breaker
  • Joiner’s Pressure
  • A Vicious Cycle
  • Internal Strike
  • Andeddu’s Malevolence
  • Running Rapid Restoration
  • Primed Ignition
  • Continuous Fire
  • Volatile Strike
  • Viral Elements
  • Critical Surgery
  • Powerlode
  • Explosive Weaponry
  • Oil Fire
  • MG-2 Polygrade Dispersal Caps
  • Agitating Energies
  • Exploited Weakness
  • All for One
  • Elryin’s Haste
  • Mystic’s Ruthless Blade
  • Cauterized Coronary

Bonus drop in addition to your personal loot, rewarded in your crate from completing a Warzone of any kind.

  • Quick Thinker
  • Debilitator
  • Repositioning
  • Game Plan
  • Concentrated Fire
  • Strategist
  • Avenger
  • Decelerator
  • Murderous Revelation
  • Perfect Form
  • Nimble Master
  • Tormented


  • Double Cloak
  • Rancor’s Tail
  • Grevious Wounds
  • Cool Your Jets
  • Augmented Holocomm
  • Second Contract
  • CS-3 Velocity Holo-Dampener
  • Endless Barrier

Onderon Reputation Vendor

  • Dying Precision