The Lord Of Pain Darth Sion: A Star Wars Story

Here’s another Star Wars story from The Scoundrel’s Cantina. It was first published back in Dec of 2016, but if you missed it back then, you can still give it a watch. We highly recommend any of these videos from the Scoundrel’s Cantina. They really know their Star Wars stuff, and the videos are well made. They’re entertaining, and very informative as you are sure to learn something new in every one you watch, even if you’re already a super fan.

This one is all about another famous Darth – the Lord of Pain Darth Sion. He’s not as well known to your layperson as far as Darths go, but he has an interesting and deep history that is explored fully in this video. They use a mix of both the Expanded Universe and the “Official” Star Wars Canon. He was a human who became a Sith Maurader in the war. Rather than die after being stricken down, he found a way to hold on and found immortality through his pain.

The Lord Of Pain Darth Sion A Star Wars Story!

Well, there you have it. Did you learn something new?

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