Bioware on Missing Monthly Cartel Coins in SWTOR

Eric Musco address an issue regarding missing monthly cartel coins for some players.

Subscribers check your cartel coin ledgers, BioWare may be ripping you off. | 03.28.2016, 04:44 PM

Hey folks,

I wanted to pop in this thread and address your concerns with the 3 day delay on Cartel Coin grants. Since August of last year an issue creeped into our granting system which caused Cartel Coins to be granted every 33 days, instead of every 30 days as intended. As you pointed out, if this issue went on for a long period of time, your monthly grant could be affected and so we definitely did not want that to happen. As of right now the only effect is that your grant may be delayed.

With that in mind, we have a fix for this issue planned with next week’s maintenance. After next week your grants should continue forward, 30 days apart, as intended. Thank you for raising this issue so we could get it addressed.


Subscribers check your cartel coin ledgers, BioWare may be ripping you off. | 03.28.2016, 06:47 PM

Hey folks,

I want to address up a couple of questions I am seeing in the thread.

Will we be compensated for the Cartel Coins we missed receiving?
No one should have missed receiving any coins due to this issue. When you have 30 days of subscription time, you will receive your monthly Cartel Coin grant during that 30 day window. That is still true. Due to this issue you may receive it on a later day then you did previously, but you will still receive it within your current subscription window.

I checked my ledger and I am missing XXX coins, what do I do?
Understand that this issue has only been going on since August of last year. The accumulation of 3 day delays has not occurred enough at this time to cause any issues in granting Coins. You should have received all Cartel Coin grants as intended (although perhaps a few days later than usual). If you feel you are missing any of your Cartel Coin grants please contact CS.

It was really important to us that we got this addressed before anyone was impacted, especially if that impact meant losing Cartel Coins. Again, no one will have lost any Cartel Coins, it is possible only that your grant will later into your 30-day subscription window.

Thanks everyone!