A New Kind of SWTOR Datacron Guide

Do you love Star Wars and SWTOR lore like we do? If you’re all about the story, then you will like this new kind of SWTOR datacron guide. Vulkk of Vulkk.com has taken the time to make something pretty cool. This is like the motherload of all datacron guides. It’s a datacron guide that goes above and beyond and gives you a little something more. In his own TLDR he says, “This is my SWTOR Datacron Guide collection WITH Story voiceover of each codex entry.” That really sums it up. He found a new approach to the same content that’s been done before and presented it in a different way. It can be useful for new players as well as more seasoned vets. This would also be interesting to Star Wars fans in general, even those who might not play SWTOR.

There are more than 43 videos corresponding to the datacron guide and it looks like he really did invest some time into creating these for SWTOR players and for that we say THANK YOU. Each video is a standalone codex entry. It shows both the path to the Datacron and the lore hidden behind it. The text he reads is taken directly from the SWTOR database. And if you’re still collecting datacrons, these guides will make the experience more in depth for you. So definitely check it out, tell your friends, and pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

From Vulkk:

SWTOR History & Lore: Datacrons Locations Guide (Updated for Patch 4.0)
YouTube Playlist – ordered by Codex Number
The Collection on my website VULKK.com – ordered by Planets

Here is the YouTube playlist:

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