GSH Master Artisan Guide Compendium

SWTOR Crafting Chart

If you’d like to know more about SWTOR crafting, we have a fantastic guide for you. From Lowku, we have a 3-part guide on 2.9 Galactic Strongholds crafting, as well as some basics in crafting in general. As we have mentioned here, 2.9 is bringing a lot of (hopefully good) changes to crafting. Some items that were once considered useful junk will now be highly sought after. Gathering lists, items and other crafting supplies now might be a good idea if you plan to do any 2.9 crafting.

He tells us a little of what you can expect in these guides:

“To help myself prepare, I’ve compiled my old gathering list, my credit guide, and all the new crafting information for the Fabrication Kits traded for decorations and War Supplies. What’s left is an absolutely massive amount of information that I had to break up into different parts just to get it done.”

In addition to sharing the guides with us all, Lowku also offers some tips for getting the most from the guides. “Make sure that you are familiar with CNTRL+F in either Firefox or in the PDF Viewer. Although my guides are formatted to help you move through them quickly, you can also type any material into the search bar after hitting CNTRL+F and you’ll find it ASAP in the document.”

Download the PDFs Directly

You do have the option to view it on Google Drive, but the Page Jump links WILL NOT work unless you download the document into a PDF Viewer to view it.

The Guides

PART 1: “GSH Master Artisan Guide – A GSH Crafting & Credit Earning Compendium”.

PART 2: “Kits, Crystals & Designs – A GSH Crafting Material List”.

PART 3: “War Supplies & Dark Project – A GSH Crafting/Conquests Material List”.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Save the guides for 2.9 and be ahead of the game while others on your server might still be trying to figure things out.

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