Colicoid War Game

Flashpoints of SWTOR: Colicoid War Game

The Colicoid War Game is a popular Flashpoint in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Set in the Star Wars universe, the game allows players to explore various planets, complete quests, and engage in epic battles as they progress through the story.

The Colicoid War Game Flashpoint is an endgame activity that challenges players to navigate through a series of difficult battles and puzzles as they attempt to shut down a deadly war game being run by the Colicoids, a race of insectoid beings.

Players can access the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint through the in-game map, or by joining a group of other players through the game’s matchmaking system. The Flashpoint is designed for a group of four players, and it is recommended that each player is at least level 50, the maximum level in the game.

The Colicoid War Game Flashpoint consists of several different sections, each with its own unique challenges and enemies. Players will need to work together as a team to defeat powerful bosses and complete objectives. Along the way, they will also encounter a variety of puzzles and traps that will test their problem-solving skills.

One of the standout features of the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint is the unique boss encounters. These encounters require players to not only defeat the boss, but also navigate through complex arenas filled with obstacles and traps. Each boss has unique abilities and attack patterns that players will need to learn in order to defeat them.

In addition to the challenging gameplay, the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint also features a compelling story that ties into the overall narrative of SWTOR. Players will encounter familiar characters and learn more about the ongoing conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Overall, the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint is a thrilling endgame activity that offers a challenging and satisfying experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint is sure to provide an exciting and memorable experience.


What is the recommended gear level for Colicoid War Game?

It is recommended to have a gear level of at least 41 or higher when attempting the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint to handle the challenging encounters effectively.

What strategy should be used to defeat the Colicoid War Game’s turret section?

In the turret section, players need to coordinate and focus fire on the waves of enemies. Communication is key—each player should concentrate on different targets to manage the incoming waves efficiently. Pay attention to larger enemies and prioritize them to prevent being overwhelmed.

How do I navigate the puzzle section in Colicoid War Game?

The puzzle section requires teamwork and precise coordination. Players need to solve various puzzles that involve activating consoles in a specific order. Clear communication and a strategic approach are essential to progressing through this section without issues.

What is the best approach for handling the final boss, the Colicoid Destroyer, in this Flashpoint?

For the Colicoid Destroyer, players should focus on avoiding its powerful frontal attacks and AoE abilities. Spread out to minimize damage and ensure the tank keeps the boss’s attention. Use defensive cooldowns and heal through the high-damage phases effectively.

How do I manage the adds that spawn during the turret and boss fights in Colicoid War Game?

Assign specific DPS players to quickly take down the adds that spawn during the turret and boss fights. Utilize crowd control abilities to manage the number of adds and prevent them from overwhelming the group. Healers should be prepared to deal with the additional damage these adds can cause.

What are the key loot rewards from the Colicoid War Game Flashpoint?

The Colicoid War Game Flashpoint offers valuable gear upgrades, including high-level armor pieces and weapons. Completing this Flashpoint can significantly enhance your character’s gear.

What is the significance of the story in Colicoid War Game?

The story in Colicoid War Game revolves around stopping the Colicoids, an insectoid race, from perfecting their deadly war games. Players must navigate through a series of difficult battles and puzzles to shut down the operation, adding depth to the SWTOR lore and providing a thrilling narrative.

Are there any special achievements associated with Colicoid War Game?

Yes, Colicoid War Game features several achievements that players can earn by completing specific objectives within the Flashpoint. These may include defeating bosses within a certain timeframe or avoiding particular mechanics.