Interview with Lead Operations & Flashpoint Designer – Jesse Sky

It has been a while since we last heard from Lead Operations & Flashpoint Designer Jesse Sky. Last time Lat time we posted any word from him was back in match, but now he have news from him again. The guild Methodica recently had the chance to meet with Jesse Sky, and  gained some great insight into the details and thought-process that goes into designing the content that raiders enjoy so much.

Here is a snippet

We generally balance bosses to be progressively more difficult over the course of a single Operation. However, our balance sheets are not always the best indicator of difficulty, especially as we increase our focus on mechanics. Some bosses require strict coordination checks, and that may pose a greater challenge to certain players than gear checks. We were surprised, for example, at how long it took players to down Toth and Zorn on PTS.

That said, we do want the final boss in a hard mode Operation to pose a greater challenge than the rest – we want to give progression guilds something to chew on for a while. It’s a delicate balance, because you don’t want ham-fisted gear checks artificially slowing your progression, but on the other hand, any pure coordination check can be overcome with enough practice.

Check out the full interview at methodical guild website