Gear Progression Flowchart

swtor gear flowchart

If you’re trying to gear up in SWTOR and you’re not sure what gear sets are better or which you should be going for next, this simple flow chart will help you out. Sure, there’s not much to it but it gives the perfect visual of the order of progression within the game, as far as gear goes. You should also keep in mind that some levels can be skipped, based on what current gearset you are wearing and how you want to work on gearing up.

Are you all about PvP or PvE? Do you want to do both and be properly geared for both?

Are you the type of player who is just looking to have what you need to skim by or get into a zone or Flashpoint or are you looking to have the best possible gear there is for your class? It’s all about playstyle, your needs and how much time you have to put into it. There are definitely possibilities for skipping gear sets in the current progression model but it all depends on your personal preference and what you’re going for.

It also depends on who you’re playing with and what content you’ll be doing. For example, if you have a guild or some friends who are better geared and willing to carry you a little, you can probably skip over a gear set and on to the one you really want and save time. But if you’re pugging it and you’re undergeared, you’re going to find the process slow and frustrating. So again, every scenario is different but this flow chart is a nice, basic guideline.

How about you- did you follow the flow chart design or skip over certain gear sets?

gear progression flowchart

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