Intergalactic Intel: PvP vs PvE

Intergalactic Intel: PvE vs PvP

“Please it’s not even hard they don’t think for themselves. It’s the same thing every week!”
“It’s not you even have to try. You just pick whatever class is flavor of the month and just win.”
“Let’s ask Nigel.”
“Ask me what?”
“Which is harder? PvE or PvP?”

For as long as I have played world of warcraft the question of which is harder, and more fun has always been an issue amongst the higher end players of the game. This week I’ll delve into my experience of with both forms of game play.

Player versus environment, or PvE, is a form of play in which players do battle against enemies who have been programed by the developer. This usually includes quests, leveling and dungeons. But PvE truly becomes a challenge in raiding environments where users have to fight enemies that are far stronger than what they are normal used to. In addition to this the enemies have unique abilities that require players to stay on their feet, which is the true challenge of PvE. Usually the rewards are rare mounts, titles, equipment and other various goodies.

Player versus player, or PvP, is as stated a few weeks ago is a form of play in which players do battle against each other for bragging rights, and gear. I’m not gonna delve too deep into it, but if you wanna know more about PvP check out my intergalactic intel on PVP.

The ongoing argument between the two groups of players, on which is harder and more competitive. If anyone pays attention to the competitive raiding scene in world of warcaft, guilds race continuously to be the first in their server, country, world to kill a boss. Bragging rights at who can play their characters to their fullest potential is a great deal for them. Many PvP players say that PvE is nothing more than practicing a dance. Nothing new ever happens and is the same static boring, unintelligent being you fought last week. Though many PvE players will argue the randomness and chaoticness of a fight gives you an excellent challenge.

PvP usually is won by defeating other players in combat. Though depending on where you’re fighting your objectives may be differ from capturing a flag, or holding a point for so long. PvE players, especially with WoW, say that PvP is nothing more than picking the right class. Another argument is that PvPing is really not difficult since most players don’t understand the finer things about their classes and compositions. Though with these arguments World of warcraft’s PvP was the first MMO PvP to be turned into an E-sport. Large amounts of money are competed for at Blizzcon, and MLG tournaments.

So which is right? Which is more competitive? Which is more difficult? It’s hard to tell which side will be correct with the limited info on The Old Republic. Time and experience will tell. So try both, when December 20th rolls around. No one said you had to do one or the other. May the force be with you.

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