Intergalactic Intel: PvP

“OH MY GAWD.” My ear drums were being destroyed by my team mate.
“Dee, you need to stay calm and not panic we’ve go-”
“HE’S CHARGING ME!” I was interrupted and drowned out. “GET IT OFF ME!”
“DEE! Calm down!”
“DANGLES SHUT UP!” The yelling ceased. “Interrupt his next cast and we’ll focus him. Dangles you’re fine I’m throwing heals on you the entire time.”

Player versus player, or PVP, is a popular form of game play in video games today. I personally have spent my week playing Team Death Match in Gears of War 3. Shooting everything that moves and giggling crazily. I always get asked why PvP in MMO’s? It’s very interesting journey that has much to do with the progression of MMO’s in general and me as a player.

When a player hits maximum level or very high level in MMO’s they begin something called, “End Game”. End Game is when players have finished leveling and are looking for something to occupy the time of their high level characters. Back in olden days the only form of End Game was PvP. It wasn’t until Everquest that the idea of players grouping together to defeat large monsters was introduced, also known as “Raiding”.

Now my first MMO was Runescape. The thought of PvP in Runescape horrified me. The idea of getting beaten and having your items stolen was not my idea of fun. When I progressed to Ragnarok online I got over the fear, probably because you didn’t lose items. In Ragnarok Online one of the best forms of end game was War of Emperium, a guild versus guild battle. Players would do combat in order to take castles. I feel in love with PvP. The killing players made me feel like I was Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

As I progressed to World of Warcaft, I started playing the game with the intention of being a PvPer once again. I picked a very powerful class at the time (Shadow Priest to be exact) and leveled up. By the time I hit max level my class was no longer the power house it used to be so I began trying something different and began playing as a healer in PvP. I created a team 5v5 team and one of our last matches together was what transpired above.

Now with The Old Republic hot on our heels, I am excited for both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game. Though I do believe I shall first invest in PvP. I mean this is a battle for the Galaxy, and as dangerous as a Rancor terrorizing a small town is, I do think my lightsaber is meant to be slashing through some Bounty Hunter.

So why should you PvP? A lot of players I meet in World of Warcraft are frightened of the idea of PvP. PvP can be fun. With a lot of screaming and giggling you and your friends can defiantly have as much fun as a match of Call of Duty…if that’s your thing. If not insert another multi-player game. The struggle between two teams playing a capture the flag or team death match is very rewarding if you win. While PvP can be extremely frustrating at first keep at it. Everyone started of bad and it simply takes time to become a better player. There are resources just like there are for PvE for PvP,

I’ll let you in on a little secret for PvP. Over all my years of PvPing the most important part of it is communication. A team of well communicated players can topple any other team even if their opponents have better equipment and more skill. Timing stuns and slows are important. Knowing when someone has used a cool down is almost more important than monitoring your own.

PvP isn’t for everyone, but those of you who are ready for The Old Republic’s PvP I will gladly fight beside you…or cut you down. Remember the game is only as fun as you allow it to be. Be nice, work with your team mates, communicate. I wish you all the luck on the Battlefield. May the Force be with you.