Hundar Presents Old Republic’s Daniel Ericson

And a great new format for YouTube videos/interviews…

Here is an awesome video interview with Daniel Erickson from Hundar. In this format, you can choose the questions and you can skip right to the answers you want to see the most. The video covers a variety of topics, including:

Some highlights from the video interview include:
You don’t have to have played KOTOR to understand TOR but there will be unanswered questions for previous KOTOR players that are answered in TOR, bringing some closure to the story and tying it all in neatly for the timeline. All of the questions about all of the major characters of KOTOR will be covered but the main focus will be on the new stuff.

Daniel discusses “tone” and the difference in coming from Dragon Age to Star Wars, regarding storyline.

Class balance vs. story is a challenge from the beginning. Class balance is written into the story. For example, a Jedi will start out from the early humble beginnings but a Storm Trooper will begin the game already having years of experience behind them, making them “equal” with a Padawan. It makes sense in the context of the storyline and still keeps the players balanced.

In choosing companions to play with, the Star Wars fantasy really comes out of the story.

“Our game plays bet with mixed classes of any type,” says Erickson on the topic. This means that choosing a mix of companions is actually going to be a good thing for the player. They have buffs and abilities that stack in specific ways to allow them to complement one another with grouped together so variety in a group will be preferred.

Check out the entire video to see more than Erickson shares and feel one step closer to TOR while we wait for the release.