James Ohlen: Companions, Release Date Talk

James Ohlen says large component of SWTOR still un-announced and he explains to Newsarama why this is the case. With all the hype and anticipation that’s been building for this game since it was first revealed, BioWare wants to make sure it lives up to its expectations. The director says “it would be terrible if something went wrong just as the game was getting going,” especially after BioWare has put so much work into TOR for several years.

They want to ensure the launch goes smoothly without any major issues. Ohlen also states that any catastrophe such as the games servers going down would be upsetting and disappointing for everyone from the players to the team developing the game, which has worked diligently to get things ready for the big release day.
He also said there is more to The Old Republic than what gamers know about so there will still be some surprises that will delight players. He continues to say that more information will be released between now and when the launch is made. He didn’t want to say too much and get in trouble. However, he did state there would be another announcement that is on a scale large enough to compare with the games big components like the warzones and space battles.
As of now, you can pre-order SW TOR and it’s expected to be released later in the year. How do you feel about BioWare not releasing a specific date for the launch? Do you think they have a legitimate reason for waiting?