What is this…. Life Day thing

What is this.... Life Day thing

Many people who haven’t played Star Wars: Galaxies, or are not much into the whole Star Wars lore, might have a hard time understanding what this whole Life Day business is all about. People who played Star Wars: Galaxies already knows all about this, but if you haven’t played SWG, I can tell you that Life Day was an ingame event. It was the SWG version of Christmas. Every year 2 gifts were given out by the Developers to everybody in-game. One gift is for people to open themselves, and the other gift is for you to trade with a friend.

Before Star Wars: Galaxies, Wookiee Life Day made its first appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Unlike most aspects of the normally well-crafted Star Wars universe, Life Day is utterly expedient, inserted into the show to provide a very basic goal for the heroes, and lend a bit of topical relevance to the material, which would otherwise be completely inappropriate for a television holiday special.

The Star Wars Holiday Special gives us some insight into the customs of Life Day. Chewbacca’s wife prepares a feast, gifts are exchanged between acquaintances, candles are burned ritualistically, and Wookiees don red robes and join into groups to observe the day. Singing is involved. You can check out the full movie ( with the singing) and read more about the movie here.