EA Winter Showcase: Big Update Tomorrow?

Electronic Arts and Bioware are back in Europe again with the yearly EA Winter Showcase. The last time we saw the Star Wars: The Old Republic team on this site of the Atlantic, was way back in May this year.

Last night, BioWare’s community team took to the social networks to tease fans about “juicy” new information:

We’re in Europe where we’ll be announcing new details about The Old Republic™! Stay tuned to http://www.swtor.com/ this Friday for juicy details.

Is this announcement directly linked to Europe? Will they announce European testing – wich we all over here desperately are waiting for? Maby.. Details on Crafting and for many, pvp are yet to be revealed also.

What they got for us time will tell, but since we normally get updates each Friday, and they’re making a special callout for this one, we hope that it might be something special.