Star Wars: The Old Republic European beta testing delayed

On the official forums, European SWTOR fans have been asking and asking for info about beta testing and beta access. Finally, a long-awaited answer was given, although it might not be exactly what some were hoping for. European beta testing will be delayed.
Star Wars: The Old Republic European beta testing has been delayed. Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager addresses the issue in full detail with a lengthy post that is very important to EU players.
His post begins: “We can understand the frustration here, but unfortunately we got stuck between a rock and a hard place with no realistic scenarios where we’d please everyone.” So you can just imagine that what he has to say is not going to be good for European players.
This post also talks about issues related to voicing/languages that will be available to different regions:
“Also, this is a good opportunity to talk about language servers – they’re labels to inform people of what language is expected to be spoken by players on the server, not settings that enforce how your client works.

What that means is, the client works in whatever language you want it to, regardless of which server you’re connecting to. Effectively this can mean that three players could player together in English, French and German at the same time, while connecting to a server that is labelled as US-English, for example.

The point is, you won’t be forced into playing in a certain language, but you will be informed what the expected/suggested language of the server is when you connect to it.

Before you ask – no decision yet on whether servers will be labelled with languages other than our three officially supported ones (English/French/German). I’m sure the community will unofficially label servers themselves, though.”

This biggest issue for a lot of people was not being properly informed. Some expressed that it wasn’t the lack of a beta invites that had them upset but the lack of communication and seemingly impression that BioWare just didn’t care about telling them the truth or keeping them updated.
“We were still discussing this last week, and pushing to make it happen right up until this morning when we made a final decision. We were hoping to invite last week, but issues with the invite system made that impossible, as Chris mentioned. We don’t sit on announcements for no reason, folks.”
One poster says, “How can a community have faith in BioWare going forward when they have never been 100% honest with us?”
What do you think about all this? Is it going to affect your decision to play? Do you think they could have told people about the beta delay sooner?