MTSBWY: Droidfriend – Justin Bieber Boyfriend Parody

Teddie Films wooed us last month with The Star Wars That I Used To Know and this time they’re at it again with what is sure to be another major hit. Droidfriend pits C3-PO in a Bieber likeness putting the moves on a nice Twi’lek. What makes this an even bigger nerdgasm for us is all the extras in the background. In this video, one of the most irritating characters of the original Star Wars trilogy tackles a kindred soul in the music industry – Justin Bieber!

And for those who are a bit more purist in their love of Star Wars tributes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to double up this post with an amazing musical homage below in honor of the iconic cantina scene posted by YouTube user CharlesLaurita. Enjoy!