Star Wars trilogy in Two Minutes (as a paper animation)

Jeremy Messsersmith wrote a song about Star Wars and created an accompanying music video animated with paper versions of all the familiar characters.

As a creative person, I understand that it’s hard to let go sometimes. God help me if I ever get to the point where I have the time and money to keep re-recording new versions of old songs instead of writing new ones!

Unfortunately, George Lucas (in a fate worse than Darth Vader’s) is in the horrible place of having had all of his dreams come true. Now he has total creative control of whatever he wants to do, hence Star Wars in 3D.

Anyway, I’ve got a song called Tatooine with a new music video directed by Eric Power over at We are both OT (that’s original trilogy) fanboys so I made a lo-fi song and he made a very 2D music video. You can download the song for whatever you want over at my bandcamp page.

Oh, and the video is animated with PAPER. The entire Star Wars trilogy in 2 minutes animated with PAPER.

Enjoy, at least until the cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm shows up (which I will promptly frame next to my family photos).