Sean Dahlberg joins UTV True Games

Former BioWare Community Manager Sean Dahlberg announced on his blog that he has taken a position as Senior Designer at UTV True Games.

In the future he will be working on a new MMO called Faxion. In his blog, Sean talks about his decision to go back into the developer side of games and what he likes about the company’s vision for Faxion and its emphasis on micro-communities.

Break time is over! I requested a few weeks off before starting at my new job and I have to admit, it was nice to have a vacation. I think it’s the first one I’ve had in years that was stress and work free! But, as anyone who knows me can attest to, I can only have so much free time before I start needing to get back into the game. So I’ve made the jump back into the development-side as a Senior Designer at a company called UTV True Games working on an upcoming MMO called Faxion Online.

I know that some of you are asking why I’m leaving community management… I know this because I already told a few friends about the change before all of this became public and they asked me the same thing. I enjoy working in community, a lot. It is the field that got me into the game industry and I have a lot of passion for it and I like to think I at least have some talent in it. I was offered some great opportunities in the community management field and came very close to moving back to California (Sorry Danielle). But I also enjoy doing game systems design and chose to get back into that field because I feel that is where I can have the most impact in giving power to the player.