The Top 5 Sci-Fi Slot Machine Games You Need to Play

The Top 5 Sci-Fi Slot Machine Games You Need to Play

Every true sci-fi geek is a gamer at heart. The two simply go hand-in-hand, a match made in heaven just like Princess Leia and Han Solo. However, the downside of being a dedicated gamer is that the wait between console releases can be agonizingly long.

The last Star Wars: Battlefront game came out back in 2017 and we currently have no sign of when the next one will be here. Fortunately, sci-fi geeks of all stripes can turn to slot machines to get the geeky gamer fix.

There are countless officially licensed and standalone slot titles which provide hours of pretty riveting gameplay. Here are the best ones available right now that you need to be playing. 

Star Wars Official Slots 

Unfortunately, you’ll have to make your way to Vegas or another land-based casino to experience this one, as officially-licensed versions are hard to come by online. Following the transfer of the Star Wars franchise over to Disney from Lucas Film, and with it a whole new raft of family-friendly regulations, they have stopped making these beautiful slot machines. If you find one, you can play as all of your favorite characters and rack up jackpots in true old-school Star Wars surroundings. Rumor has it thatthe highest concentration of surviving Star Wars slots canbe found on the big casino of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as on the boardwalk of the other gambling Mecca in America, Atlantic City. 

Nova 7s

When people think of the best sci-fi slot machine games, they often tend to gravitate towards the officially-licensed ones based on film franchises. However, some of the best online casino developers have been churning out some seriously good original titles that should satisfy any gamer geek. Take for example the Nova 7s slot machine at Planet 7 Casino; this bad boy takes you through an intensely scientific journey through space, with the graphics, music, and attention-to-detail being far beyond what you’d expect from a slot game. 

Terminator 2 

Hasta la vista baby! The greatest ever Terminator movie, Terminator 2, has found immortality as a slot game that can be played at a wide variety of casinos around the world. Stepping into the shoes of John Connor, players rack up reels of weapons, Cyberdyne hard drives and T-1000 cyborg skulls in the attempt to win the jackpot and, of course, stave off nuclear armageddon. Expect all of the iconic catchphrases from Arnie, John, Sarah, and the T-2000 to feature heavily, as well as that instantly recognizable theme music. 

Jurassic Park 

It’s no secret that Jurassic Park is one of the most widely-franchised film series in history. There are countless video game spin-offs such as the acclaimed Jurassic World Evolution game, board games, clothing, and merchandise. True fans of this iconic sci-fi series can now also rack up several hundred hours on the endlessly replayable Jurassic Park slot games, available at online and land-based casinos pretty much everywhere. As soon as the slots load up on the screen and you hear those first orchestral notes of the legendary theme song, you’ll know you’ve found your perfect game. 

Star Trek: Against All Odds 

Following the global success of the rebooted Star Trek film franchise a few years back, Paramount decided to cash in by licensing out the film to the very first Trekkie-themed slot game. Against All Odds is about as sci-fi as a slot machine game can possibly get, with each of the five reels featuring all of the most beloved characters from the series (including the USS Enterprise), and even the occasional bit of Klingon background noise to keep fans sated. The game stays true to the franchise, while even people who aren’t die-hard fans of the series should be pleased with the admirably low 5% house edge. 

Battlestar Galactica

While the extraterrestrial TV series Battlestar Galactica may not have had as long a run as Star Trek, it still managed to spawn a fanatic global fanbase. The TV series ended for good in 2009, but that doesn’t mean that fans no longer have an opportunity to Twelve Colonies with all of the original cast members, playing for real moneybonuses at the same time. The graphics of this game far surpass those available on most other mainstream slot titles, while the attention to detail suggests that this quirky title was developed very much with the fans in mind. 

Being a sci-fi geek means relentlessly searching for new outlets to get your fix from. Thanks to the hundreds of sci-fi themed slotsavailable, that search just got a little easier.